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Death Records

Anna's family
Edward G. Rutzdied Aug. 9, 1906
William C. Rutz died Nov. 9, 1910
Henrietta Herrmann  died Oct. 30, 1909
William C. Rutzdied Jan. 4, 1919
Grandpa Burkdied Jan. 24, 1924Martin Burcikowski/Burk
Frank Herrmanndied Apr. 10, 1921
Walter Herrmanndied Nov. 16, 1924
Rose Boredied Feb. 23, 1927  Rose (nee Herrmann) Panzek/Bohr
Grandpa Rutzdied Jun. 29, 1927William G. Rutz
Pauline Millerdied Sep. 29, 1927
Walter Rutzdied Apr. 13, 1932
Lois Rutzdied Jun. 1, 1933
Aunt Idadied Jul. 21, 1935Ida (nee Schmidt) Barnes
Aunt Marydied Jul. 12, 1935Mary (nee Burcikowski) Mahon
Augusta Seldondied May. 5, 1939
John Seldondied Jan. 30, 1940

Contributed 1997 by Steve and Lila White
Source: Pages from a Anna Wilhelmina (nee HERRMANN) RUTZ BURCIKOWSKI BURK's bible. The family members lived in Chicago, Mont Clare and/or Elmwood Park, Cook County, Illinois.

Minnie BOCK, died 30 Apr 1918, Chicago

Contributed by Vickie Tallent

Isabelle V BOORMAN, wife of James Boorman, also deceased; born 08 Oct 1878, Cambridge, Mass.; died 14 Jan 1960; buried in Town of Maine Cemetery, Cook county, Illinois, by Sax-Tiedeman Funeral Home, 9565 Belmont Ave., Franklin Park, Illinois

Contributed Feb 1998 by Joan M Ross

George F BORMAN, Death Certificate #193, Blue Island; born 30 Aug 1867 in Illinois; died 22 Jan 1918, age 60y 5m 11d; father: George Borman born in Germany; mother: Louise Schaeffer, born in Germany; occupation: lawyer

Contributed Aug 1998 by Joan Cool

Charles M BURVILLE, 2600 Commerical Ave., born: 09 Feb 1880 in Illinois; father: Lorenzo D Burville born in Ohio; mother: Harriet Cool born in Illinois; occupation: farmer died: 13 Mar 1921, age 41y 1m 4d; buried at Mt. Greenwood

Ida Belle BURVILLE, Death Certificate #108, Chicago Heights; born 14 Jun 1888 in Illinois; father: James Clark born in Indiana; mother: Louise born in Illinois; died 20 May 1920; buried in Crete Cemetery

Contributed Aug 1998 by Joan Cool

Robert Emmet CASEY, 1314 Thorndale Ave., Chicago IL (Ward 3), died 02 Dec 1947, buried at All Saints in DesPlaines, born 18 Jun 1858 in Oshkosh WI, son of John Casey of Ireland and Mary Sullivan of Cleveland, Ohio. Name of wife: Villaree G. and she was 78 years of age at the time of Robert's death. Informant: John G. Casey of 1314 Thorndale Ave., Chicago IL

Contributed Feb 1999 by Carole Shoptaw

George E CONNELL, born 01 Oct 1895, died 24 Mar 1993 at Silver Cross Hospital, Joliet IL, last residence in Lockport IL, son of Owen and Catherine (Kolar) Connell. Guardian: Elmer or Elwin Rowley.

Contributed Feb 1999 by Arlene Welter

COOL family
George F Borman30 Aug 185711 Jan 1918 Blue Island IL
Harriet Elizabeth Cool Borman  10 May 1879 Blue Island IL  27 Jan 1938 Blue Island IL
Benjamin Cool06 Oct 1884 Brennen IL
Benjamin Cool01 Jan 1896 Blue Island IL
Edwin W Cool15 Jul 1853 IL23 Mar 1922 Oak Park IL
Elizabeth J Cool03 Nov 1865 IL13 Apr 1925 Oak Park IL
Grace King Cool04 Nov 1865 MI16 Apr 1930 Chicago IL
Josephine Cool01 Jul 1891 Blue Island IL
Mary Cool04 May 1901 Blue Island IL
Frederick Ferrers 11 Aug 1921 Blue Island IL
Edwin McGinnis30 Jun 1933 Chicago IL

Contributed by Joan Cool

Cora Belle CRUSHSHON, 5245 Michigan Blvd.; wife of J W Crushshon; born 01 Aug 1868; Father: Richard Taylor born Boonville, Missouri; Mother: Mary Taylor born in Boonville, Missouri; Died 02 Jun 1927, age 58y 9m 26d; buried in Lincoln Cemetery; informant: Rev JW Crushshon

Contributed Sep 1998 by M Crushshon

Louise DARLINGTON, born 19 Aug 1882 Troy NY, died 20 Sep 1944 Chicago IL, husband: George H Darlington, father: Charles Mesick (born NY), mother: Alice MacLaughlin (born NY), death certificate #34430

Contributed Oct 2003 by Kim Lemberg

John DOSKOCZ, died 30 Aug 1917 in Cook County Hospital, born 1862 in Austria, occupation: general laborer

Contributed Aug 1998 by Beverly S Aylor

Selma H. ERICKSON; Certificate of Death 8369 Registration Dist. No. 3104; Address: 7916 So. Laflin St., Chicago; Date of death: March 18, 1943; Time of death: 10:53 A.M.; Female, white, married; Husbands name: Charles O. age of husband 73; Birth date of deceased: Sept. 10, 1873; Age at death: 69 yrs. 6 months and 8 days; Birthplace: Sweden; Occupation: Housewife; Father's name: unknown, Birthplace: Sweden; Mother's name: Hannah Holst, Birthplace: Sweden; Informant: Elise E. Erickson; Place of Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Park, Cook County, Illinois. Note: I called Evergreen and they have not record of Selma H. Erickson being buried at that cemetery.

Contributed 27 May 2001 by Ejvor Merkley

Rose FORNEK, born 17 Sep 1893 in Poland, daughter of Michael and Maryann (Marik) Haracz, died 06 Aug 1976 in Chicago IL, buried 09 Aug 1976 at Resurrection Cemetery

Contributed Feb 1999 by Kathy Ramirez

Minna HOFFMAN, died 25 Jan 1945, Chicago

Contributed by Vickie Tallent

Mary IMBIORSKI, born 07 Apr 1874 Lycones Town PA, died 19 Mar 1942, mother: Cathrine Jaskowksi (born in Poland), father: Andrew Gorzynski (born in Poland), informant: John Imbiorski, 2316 Iowa St, Chicago, Death Certificate #6657

Contributed Feb 1999 by Anita Heflin

Rudolph KEMMLER, born in Chicago, died 20 Jun 1909, last residence 3847 State St, Chicago

Contributed Feb 1999 by Bob

Andrew KOLPAK died 01 Aug 1940, age about 52 years, single, born in Krakow, Poland, son of Jan Kolpak.

Contributed Feb 1999 by Lorraine Moore

Christ LARSEN, born in Norway, died 26 Sep 1912

Contributed Feb 1999 by Dorothy Rodgers

Thora LARSEN, born in Denmark, died 31 Jan 1889, 500 W 14th St, 24 years old, resided in state six years.

Contributed Feb 1999 by Dorothy Rodgers

Delwyn MAYS, born 11 Jun 1936 El Reno Canedien OK, to Delwin Meyers and Mildred Smith, died Oct 1966

Contributed Mar 1999 by Irene Snyder

George Herbert McALLISTER, male, white, widower, born 28 Apr 1857 Champagne IL, father Sydney McAllister (born in Vermont), mother Josephine Herbert (born in Urbana IL), died 04 Dec 1925, 640 E Marquette Rd, age 68 yrs 7 mos 7 days, wife: Augusts McAllister, retired fire marshall, buried 07 Dec 1925 Evergreen Cemetery

Contributed Aug 2003 by Joan Ross

John J McBBRIDE, Jr.
Born: Sept 4, 1871 Chicago, Illinois
Died: Aug 24, 1943 Evergreen Park, Cook County, Illinois
Occupation: Painter and Decorator
Father: John McBride born St. John, Canada
Mother: Ellen Whitfield born Belfast, Ireland

Contributed Sep 2004 by Helen Popp

Born: 11 Oct 1868 in Sweden
Died: 26 Nov 1935 in Edward Hines Hospital, Hines, Proviso Township
Residence: 1 E. Third St., Downers Grove, DuPage county, Illinois
Occupation: retired machinist
Father: Carl Muller
Mother: Fredericka Peters
Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, River Grove

Contributed by Tom Mueller

Born: 08 Apr 1857 in Baden, Germany
Died: 28 Dec 1927 at home, age 48
Residence: 3531 N Hamilton Ave., Chicago
Father: Christ Gasser
Burial: Waldheim(?) Cemetery, Forest Park
Informanat: Adelia Kressling

Contributed by Tom Mueller

William NIEMEYER, SSN 337-01-5945, born 11 Oct 1913, wife Dorothea Ransom, died 31 Oct 1971 in Chicago

Contributed Feb 1999 by Bonnie

William F NIEMEYER, born 31 Jul 1883 Chicago, died 07 Nov 1918 Chicago, single, father was William H Niemeyer

Contributed Feb 1999 by Bonnie

William Henry NIEMEYER, born 13 Feb 1857, died 21 Jul 1936, son of Frederick Niemeyer (Hanover, Germany) and Wilhelmine Gietz (Mikkelburg, Germany), wife Mary

Contributed Feb 1999 by Bonnie

Jesse Baker PHILLIPS, born 18 May 1899, Morristown, TN; died 09 Sep 1943 at his residence, 3536 Cermak Road, Chicago, Illinois; buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

Contributed May 2001 by Vicky Bartlett

Henry ROHWEDER, 1847 Ashland Ave, died 12 Oct 1925, wife Nellie, parents Henry and Anna (Smith) Rohweder

Contributed Feb 1999 by Kathie Groll

Richard ROHWEDER, 2505 Cullom, died 01 Dec 1923, wife Bertha, father Johann Rohwedder

Contributed Feb 1999 by Kathie Groll

Johanna SINDEWALD, 27 Oct 1943

Contributed May 2010 by John Weiss

Frank SNYDER, born 23 Jan 1898 Polk PA, son of Charles Augustus Snyder and Sarah Jeanette Bump, died Jul 1970

Contributed Mar 1999 by Irene Snyder

William Howard SNYDER, born 12 Sep 1895 Shamokin PA, son of Isaac Snyder and Sarah Helt, died Sep 1962

Contributed Mar 1999 by Irene Snyder

Joseph SODO, born 18 Mar 1895 in Kielce, Poland, son of Andrew Sodo (born in Kielce, Poland) and Catherine Sodo, last residence 1905 Walton in Ohio, died 12 Aug 1939 in Ohio, buried in Calvary on 16 Aug 1939

Contributed Feb 1999 by Kathy Ramirez

WEST family

Letitia West died 6th of August 1867. After a short sickness at 409 S. Canal St. Chicago, Illinois - aged 2 1/2 years - She died as one falling asleep with an angel countenance. Her last words pa-pa pa-pa pa-pa - three times in succession. She was loved by her papa and will be until the Lord is pleased to prepare him to follow and meet her with the angels above.
George E. West Died May 28/1995 Age 13 years - months and 27 days.

Contributed 17 Jul 1999 by Carolyn R Holladay, church secretary,
Source: Family bible. Written on the fly leaf is "Charles West, New York - United States of America - 1861," "Sarah J. L. West" and "Mrs. J. B. Moore"

Isabella V WOOD,  b.March 2, 1904 birthplace Chicago IL; Died 14 Sep 1924 7:50 am, 20y 6m 12d, Single; Worked Pacific Southwest Bank, Los Angeles, Calif; Cause of death Lumbar Pnumonia; Father: William G Wood, b. 01 Jan 1864, Boston, Mass; Mother: Annie Bruce b. 03 Apr 1867, Cambridge, Mass; Buried 17 Sep 1924, St Joseph's Cemetery, River Grove, Illinois

Contributed Feb 1998 by Joan M Ross

1913 Metropolitan
      Death Claims and Mortuary Bonuses Recently Paid
[page 7]
Chicago South District, Chicago, IL
William Anderson, Herbert Anderson, Mike Balickowski, Elizabeth Bartram, Andrew Belgum, Tillie Benseh, Charles Bethke, Fred Bischoff, Jacob Bisewski, Thomas Boland, Louise Bornemann, Ferdinand Brauer, Helen Brussik, Rosie Bundel, Mary Burke, Bridge Canty, Emma Carlson, Vera Carlstrum, Thomas Carrier, Walter Cato, Patrick Cavanaugh, Susan Chapman, Martha Clark, Mary Connors, Josephine Corello, Johanna Cummings, Mary Daley, Bridget Daley, Mary M. Dadual, John Detlefsen, John Domack, Harold Domke, Marie Dooley, John Donohue, John Doyle, Nora Doyle, Edward Dwyer, Willie Dxiinnik, John Dziewier, Edward F. Edwards, Mary Emmett, Fredericka Engelhardt, Edward Erdman, Henry W. Fagen, Mary Fanning, Ellen Farrell, Daniel Featherstone, William Fetter, Bessie Flannegan, Mollie J. W. Fish, Rose Fitzsimmons, Michael Flaherty, Verna Ford, William Franks, Catherine Fritsch, Martha Geswein, John Gollwitzer, Celia Gradselca, Elizabeth Gray, Anna Green, Joseph Grelish, Phillip Haas, Kate Hale, Wlater Hanna, Edwin Harris, William Hartman, George Hauerman, Edward Hayden, John Hener, William Hinchey, Hattie Hipkin, Frances Homley, John Horner, Jennie Huenik, Margaret Hughes, F. H. Humphreys, Lucind Johnson, Catherine Johnson, Catherine Jordan, Katie Katlas, Gottlieb Keller, W. H. Kellner, Johnnie Kelly, Johanna Kennelly, Sarah Kensey, Bernard Kilroy, Frita Klokow, Margaret Kohl, Theodore Krell, Ed. Krymtohak, F. Krueger, Katherine Lansch, Harriett La Rocque, Clara Laskowsky, Hester Lawless,
[column 2] Lorenzo Lee, Mathew Lewis, Ethel Lewis, Ed. J. Lippert, Jeanie London, Myrtle Long, Thomas Loeghy, Martin Luby, Mike Lucy, Anton Lutsoff, John Lyall, William Lynch, George Makin, Larence Maladeek, Stella Malaga, Elizabeth Mangin, Lauretta Mansfield, Michael Markham, Michael Maroney, Mary McDonald, Patrick McDonald, Hannah McDougle, Hugh McGowan, Kate McLain, George McNichols, Bruce Merric, Bernardina Mette, Joe Michalesewski, Fred Milling, Daniel Miles, Ida Miller, Olive Minnion, August Molzahn, Catherine Monaghan, Kittie Montique, Susie Morrissey, James Murphy, Dennis Murphy, James Murphy, Bridget Nagle, Margaret Nester, Minnie Newmann, John Noonan, Anna Novacek, Anton Nowicki, William Nugent, Thomas O'Brien (of Marshfield Ave), Thomas O'Brien (of Princeton Ave), Mary O'Brien, Johanna O'Connell, Jane O'Neill, John O'Neil, Howard H. Palmer, John Paschke, Hedwig Peterson, Mary Peterson, Lilly Philips, W. P. Phillips, Calixte Piehette, Adelina Pigish, Peter J. Pitts, Andrew Popp, Edward Pritchard, Samuel Quail, Anna Queen, Ellen Regen, Sarah Ricking, Patrick Scarrett, Joseph Scenauskey, Selma Scherbert, Mary Schlocks, Edna Schroter, Michael Shea, Bessie I. Shearer, Martha Shedd, Carl H. Shirey, William Simpson, Ellen Slattery, John M. Spilman, Lena Stephen, Anna Strasser, Eleanor Sullivan, Alice Sullivan, Charles Salser, John L. Synon, John Tadda, Gertrude Tadra, George Thompson, Adolph Torczenski, Frita Trautner, Hattie Tresselt, John F. Unseld, Maggie G. Wagner, Frank Welsh, Richard Wang, Katherine Weissmann, Harvey Wheeler, Wesley White, Hilma Wickman, Gus Williams, Norah Williams,
[column 3] Resie Winthrop, Frank Wisenhafer, Mary Wosniak, Robert Zeller, Bernhard Zemke, Emil Zir, Carolina Zorn
Rockford, IL - Albert Kolke
Englewood District, Chicago, IL - Joseph Abrahamson, Daniel Ahern, John J. Ahern, Sarah V. Barnett, Samuel Barney, Bertha Bearstell, Joseph Bernard, Joseph Blasgen, Lizzie Bograhosky, Earl A. Brennan, Mary Brophy, Mary Brown, Baniel Bryan, Mary E. Bryant, John D. Buckley, Kate Busch,  Edwin Charley, Margaret Chevaler, Katie Chorak, Louise Ciapponi, Nellie Clifford, Abbie F. Cline, Birdie Clinger, Pearl H. Cloney, Mary Colehouse, Laura E. Compeon, Henrietta Cooper, Mary Cooper, M. L. Costello, Josephine Crota, M.C. Croy, Bridget Cunerty, Charles G. Decker, Agnes J. Donohue, Margaret Donohue, Thomas Duggas, Leona M. Eckor, James Edwards, M. J. Farrell, Jennie Fogerty, Henry Frahm, Herbert Framke, Russel Fransman, Mellie Garland, William Geutosh, John Gillaam, Jacob Ginkle, Mary A. Gore, Frank Grim, K. Grimsley, Katie Grisner, Henry Gums, Charles Gwewey, Phillip Haas, Ellen Hanson, Florance Harris, John Helm, Emil Henzing, Walter Holmes, Christian Holts, Thomas Hull, James Hurley, Oscar M. Hult, Mary Jackowske, John Johansen, Agnes Johnson, E. A. Kennedy, Christina Knapp, Joseph Koeevar, Rosie Korman, Frank Kratoehville, William Kroesner, C. M. Lanier, Augusta Larson, Chirstopher Lauder, Livia Laurente, Mary Leith, Isabelle Lewis, F. M. Linfoot, J. C. Lundgren, Stella Majewski, Daniel W. Malloy, Ella Maxwell, Max Mayer, C. J. McAllister, E. McDermand, C. R. McGrew, Adoph McLaran
[page 8]
Englewood District, Chicago, IL continued - Mary Meingassner, V. Midderhoff, James H. Miller, James W. Miller, E. Morrisey, Clarence J. Neal, Mathew H. Nelson, S. Nowahowski, R. O'Connor, Theresa O'Keefe, James Parker, George O. Payon, George D. Peacock, Frank W. Perry, Frank Pivovareik, Anna Radke, Lucinda C. Ranney, Rebecca Rhodes, Angeline Rich, John W. Rollins, Rosa Russell, John Rybowiak, Mary Ryder, Paul Savage, Sarah L. Savitt, Anthony Schaack, Agnes Schmidt, C. H. Schoerner, Louise Schucker, Raymond Schwarz, Octavius Selvig, Georg Simmons, Timothy Spratt, Frank Strehka, C. A. Sullivan, R. E. Upcott, Charles Wilke, John A. Williams, Carrie C. Winters, Frank Wischever, Annie Yoakers, Jacob S. Zinn
South Chicago, IL -Sary Crilly Ruby
Roseland District -
Blue Island, Ill. - Maggie Sassena, Mike Truschke, Henry C. Volp, Helen Weselch
Burbonnais, Ill. - Harville Betourne
Bradley, Ill. - Henry C. Leapley
Chicago, Ill. - Madalena Albrecht, Julia Brass, Hugh Burgess, Thomas Cunningham, Fred Darr, N. F. Drake, J. Easenberg, E. B. Eisonses, Emil Fisher, Marie Hoffman, Gerald Hoffman, Sylvia Hoger, M. W. Jackson, Ben Levens, Margaret Malcahy, Henrietta Metz, Fred Muller, Katie Peterson, Theresa Phillips, A. E. Radke, Milan Rehak, Carolina Sebana, William Snesnig, George Stewart, John Ward
Chicago Heights, IL - Henry C. Deunsing, Michael Iocco, Mike Stossi
East Chicago, IL - Henry Haag, Charles Heiden, WaFreeport, IL - Robert Walker
Gilman, IL - Martha Baber
Glenwood, IL - Charles matz
Harvey, IL - George Murdock, Nancy Spence
Kankakee, IL - Louis Hanson, Amanda Heine, Fred Prince, R. F. P. Walker
Momence, IL - Emmett Ratliff
Steger, IL - Elmer Foley
West Hammond, IL - Roxie Bolde, Paul Dryacski, Clause Hansen, Mary Tesmer
Hammond, Ind. -  Jacob Groener, Josephine Kwasnick, Anna Natsinski, Joseph Peters, John W. Simmons, Rhoda A. Simpson
Robertsdale, Ind. - Henry A. Peterson
Whiting, Ind. - Mary O. Grady, Emily M. Spisak, Frank Weigand
Oakland District -
Chicago, IL - John D. Adams, Caroline Allen, Elizabeth Allgood, Boler B. Banks, William Banks, Wash Barnes, Alice Barnes, George Berry, Mattie Baford, James Black, Lula Blackwell, Edward B. Bowman, Lucile Boylum, Lillie Braden, Frank Broadwalter, N. L. Bromley, Richard Brown, John Buckner, James Burnell, C. J. A. Burnett, Minnie Chapman, Nathaniel Chappell, William Churchill, L. P. Clapton, O. H. S. Coleman, Elsie Coles, Susie A. Collins, Joshua Collins, Strother Costello, Lemter Craford, Mary Crawford, Mabel Davenport, Fred Davis, Clifford Davis, Sadie Duffy, Anderson Edwards, Thomas Ellis, Annie Ford, Viola Ford, Edward Foster, Lafayette Gains, Enoch Gibbons, Thomas Gibson, Charles Gilbert, Charles Giles, Kermit Gillum, Johnson Glover
[column 3] Roseland District, Chicago, IL continued - Emma Goens, Anita Gonzales, William Grant, Margaret Hamilton, Jeanette Harlan, Hester Harris, M. E. Harrington, Louis Hawkins, William Highwarden, Albert Hunt, Lucile Irving, Elnora Isaac, William Isaac, Emma Jackson, Mamie Jackson, George Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Ray Johnson, Victorine Johnson, Ida Jones, Eugene Jones, Matt Jones, Gladys Jordan, Laura M. Lawrence, Melissa Lee, Harry Mack, Harry L. Mack, Reuben W. Madison, Albert Mason, George W. Miner, Rolla Mitchell, Mathew Nelson, Louise Nemo, Jeremiah F. Ormes, W. W. Patterson, Hurley Patterson, Harry B. Phillip, Eperson E. Petee, Rebecca Rhodes, Vivion Richard, Lizzie Richardson, Bessie Richardson, Delia Robinson, Gertie Robinson, James Robinson, Samuel Robinson, Ruth Rodliff, Neal Rogers, Lulu Russell, Fannie Sandusky, Homer Scott, Maggie Scott, Elvira Shores, William E. Silmon, Della Simms, Susie Smith, Rachel Smith, Elsie Smith, Virginia Smith, Grant Smith, Patrick A. Stewart, Josephine Tate, Millard Thacker, Julia Thomas, Inez B. Thomas, Mattie Thompson, Annie Todd, Charles V. Walden, Charles Walters, Mary Weaver, William R. White, Elder Wheeler, Ruby Williams, Ellen Williams, John M. Williams, Lillie Williams
Oak Forrest, IL - Phillip Davis
Joliet, IL District
Aurora, IL - Annie R. Bell, Benjamin Blake, Ablert Bradley, Margaret Fatten, Lulu C. Ninott, George Washington, Edward Wilson
Braidwood, IL - David Anderson, John K. Davis, Mary Gordon, Frances R. Higgins
Garbon Hill, IL - Alexander Gilmour

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