Aged Couple Badly Burned (1906)

Lamp Explodes in Home and Blazing Oil Ignites Clothing

Patrick Canary, 60 years old, and his wife, about the same age, were severely burned by the explosion of a lamp in their home in Chicago Lawn. Both are now at the Englewood Union hospital and physicians say Mrs. Canary probably will die. Canary is employed as a flagman and with his wife has for many years lived on the second floor of a frame dwelling at Sixty-third and Leavitt
streets. Mrs. Canary had retired shortly before 10 o’clock and Canary was on his way to the bedroom carrying a lighted lamp, when it exploded, throwing the blazing oil on the bed clothing. Before Mrs. Canary was able to reach a place of safety her nightrobe caught fire. Canary attempted to rescue his wife and his clothing caught fire. Both were unconscious when members of engine company No. 64 arrived.

Contributed 25 Jan 2013 by Deb Haines
Source: Cook County Herald [Arlington Heights IL] May 18, 1906

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