BURNS, Bridget Ann

Bridget was born 08 Jun 1890 in Banbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland. There the family had a farm so she had a lot of hard work. There were ten children in the family and over the years they all left except Bridget and her sister Teresa. The father took sick a couple of years before he died in 1919 and the two sisters took care of him. She never married. After his death, Bridget went to Glasgow, Scotland and opened a fruit store which she said was very successful. After a few years, she left Scotland and came to Chicago and lived with her brother and wife. She eventually got a job and her own apartment in Chicago.

She lived in Chicago for about thirty years before passing away 28 Feb 1959 at age 68 years. Bridet Burns was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery, 1400 S. Wolf Road, Hillside, IL 60162. Grave site: Grave #4, Lot North 8, Block 11, Section 25, with flat marker. The sad part about her death was that she died and no family members knew it until after the burial. There was no family in Chicago any more. One of the sisters at the hospital found where her brother lived in Arizona and told him. She also said the only visitors she had while laid out was a couple of the sisters from the hospital.

 Contributed 17 Jul 1999 by Ed Burns

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