BURCIKOWSKI Bible – Deaths

Anna’s family
Edward G. Rutzdied Aug. 9, 1906 
William C. Rutzdied Nov. 9, 1910 
Henrietta Herrmann  died Oct. 30, 1909 
William C. Rutzdied Jan. 4, 1919 
Grandpa Burkdied Jan. 24, 1924Martin Burcikowski/Burk
Frank Herrmanndied Apr. 10, 1921 
Walter Herrmanndied Nov. 16, 1924 
Rose Boredied Feb. 23, 1927  Rose (nee Herrmann) Panzek/Bohr
Grandpa Rutzdied Jun. 29, 1927William G. Rutz
Pauline Millerdied Sep. 29, 1927 
Walter Rutzdied Apr. 13, 1932 
Lois Rutzdied Jun. 1, 1933 
Aunt Idadied Jul. 21, 1935Ida (nee Schmidt) Barnes
Aunt Marydied Jul. 12, 1935Mary (nee Burcikowski) Mahon
Augusta Seldondied May. 5, 1939 
John Seldondied Jan. 30, 1940 

Contributed 1997 by Steve and Lila White
Source: Pages from a Anna Wilhelmina (nee HERRMANN) RUTZ BURCIKOWSKI BURK’s bible. The family members lived in Chicago, Mont Clare and/or Elmwood Park, Cook County, Illinois.

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