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Resurrection Cemetery

7200 Archer Road
Justice, Illinois

Woods/Wodarczyk, Joseph, born 14 Feb 1902, died 01 Nov 1964, 62y
Woods/Wodarczyk, Helen, born 11 Jun 1911, died 23 Oct 1971, 60y
Ulanowicz, Stanley, born 1882, died 13 Dec 1948, 66y
Ulanowicz, Veronica, born 1883, died 1952, 69y
Theodore A Ulanowicz Sr., born 22 Apr 1922, died 14 Jun 1965, 43y

Contributed Jan 2004 by William Wodarczyk

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andersonalice Alice Anderson, nee Langner, died 23 Feb 1961
 andersonflorence Florence Anderson, Died 15 Mar 1971
 andersonhenry Henry Anderson, died 21 Sep 1965
 armbrustercharles Charles Armbruster, born 11 Jan 1904, died 08 Apr 1964
 armbrusterclara Clara Armbruster (nee Knebel), born 19 Jun 1908, died 21 Jun 1979
 bejnarowiczedward Edward Bejnarowicz, born 23 Feb 1916, died 07 Apr 1976
 jarkaelaine Elaine E Jarka, born 26 Jan 1932, died 20 May 2012
 jarkaroman Roman F Jarka, born 21 May 1925, died 20 Jun 1977
 karlowantoinette Antoinette Karlow, born 12 Jun 1904, died 30 Jun 1990
 knebelagnes Agnes Knebel (nee Laszewski), born 10 Jan 1883, died 09 Jan 1981
 knebelalex Alex Knebel, born 1906, died 31 Oct 1969
 knebeledward Edward Knebel, born 1917, died 21 Nov 1934
 knebelkarol Karol Knebel, died 08 Apr 1937
 langnermary Mary Langner (nee Michalak), born Jun 1867, died 21 Jun 1957
 laszczewskafranciszka Franciszka Laszczewska aka Frances Laszewski (nee Leonarczyk), born 1887, died 13 Sep 1942
 laszczewskianttonette Anttonette Chrzaszcz Laszczewski, born 12 Nov 1903, died 01 May 1946
 leonarczykbessie Bessie Leonarczyk (nee Piasecki), born 29 Dec 1895, died 19 May 1970
 leonarczykjohn John Anton Leonarczyk, born 13 Jun 1892, died 06 Apr 1954
 lilegdonjohn John Charles Lilegdon, born 24 Jan 1912, died 29 Sep 1988
 mackjulius Juliusz Mach aka Julius Mack, born 19 Jan 1861, died 30 Sep 1939
 mackmargaret Margaret Mack, died 22 Jun 1936
 mlyniecraymond Raymond F. Mlyniec, born 09 Aug 1918, died 17 Apr 1987
 nowackakatarzyna Katarzyna Nowacka, died 1942
 nowickicharles Charles E Nowicki, born 3 Mar 1906, died 23 Nov 1998
 nowickiharriet Harriet Nowicki, born 10 Oct 1911, died 28 Sep 1986
 piaseckijohn John Piasecki, born 29 Sep 1890, died 26 Apr 1956
 piaseckimae Mae D Piasecki, died 14 Apr 1961
 piaseckimary Mary Piasecki, died 07 Feb 1957
 pietrzakadam Adam Pietrzak, born 23 Nov 1906, died 16 Oct 1980
 pietrzakanton Anton M Pietrzak, died 12 Sep 1967
 pietrzakbalbina Balbina Pietrzak, died 16 Feb 1971
 pietrzakchester Chester Pietrzak, died 14 Aug 1937
 pietrzakharry Harry M Pietrzak, born 09 Sep 1914, died 09 Feb 1981
 pietrzakignatius Ignatius E Pietrzak, born 24 Jan 1909, died 17 Jul 1977
 pietrzakirene Irene L Pietrzak, born 16 Oct 1913, died 19 Nov 2005
 pietrzakmarcin Marcin Pietrzak, died 4 Apr 1936
 pietrzakmarie Marie Rose Pietrzak, born 28 Jul 1909, died 22 Nov 2002
 pietrzaknorman Norman Xavier Pietrzak, born 21 Sep 1931, died 05 Apr 1983 
 pietrzakpaul Paul E Pietrzak, born 16 Oct 1948, died 01 Oct 2006 
 pietrzaksabina Sabina Pietrzak, born 29 Dec 1909, died 17 May 1993
 pietrzakvincent Vincent Pietrzak, died 28 Aug 1952 
 remblosdennis Dennis Remblos, born 19 Jun 1940, died 09 Mar 1965
 remblosfrank Frank Remblos, died 13 Mar 1967 
 remblosstella Stella Remblos (nee Langner), born 23 Nov 1904, died 06 Jun 1950
 sabanjoseph Joseph Saban, born 12 Jul 1934, died 19 Jul 2012 
 sandersthomas Thomas R. (Piasecki) Sanders, born 14 Dec 1917, died 21 Mar 1974
 trinergladys Gladys Triner (nee Laszewski), born 27 May 1908, died 15 Nov 1973
 walengakatarzyna Katarzyna Walenga (nee Perkowska), born 10 Nov 1873, died 17 Jun 1955
 wysockamaryanna Maryanna Wysocka, died 14 Feb 1955

Waldheim Jewish Cemetery

1400 Des Plaines Avenue
Forest Park, 60130

DOMKA, Lottie, died 07 May 1891, 1y 14d
Residence: 95 Columbia Ave.
Int.No. 13615 -Lot 480-Block D

DOMKA, Clemmens, born 1865, died May 31, 1943, 78y 4m 24d
Residence: 4634 Barry Ave.
Int. No. 60927-Lot 480-Block D

DOMKA, George, born 1916, died Oct 17, 1916, 17d
Residence: 5808 Superior St.
Int. No.43897-Lot480-Block D

DOMKA, Infant, died Sep 30, 1926
Residence: St. Anns Hospital
Int. No. 51302-Lot 480-Block D

DOMKA, John, born 1838, died Jan 08, 1906, 68y
Residence: 87 N. Avers Ave.
Int. No.33371-Lot 910-Block D

DOMKA, Johanna (Mittelsteadt), born 1863, died Jun 26, 1947, 84y 3m
Residence: Oak Park
Int. No. 62979-Lot 480-Block D

DOMKA, Joseph, born 1853, died Jul 10, 1912, 53y 3m 29d
Residence: 344 N. Avers Ave.
Int. No.40100-Lot 469-Block E

DOMKA, Mary, born 1838, died Jan 12, 1934, 96y 1m 1d
Residence: 353 N. Avers Ave.
Int. No. 55715-Lot 910-Block D

DOMKA, Mithilda, born 1869, died Apr 03, 1948, 87y 2m 7d
Int. No. 63315-Lot 469 -Block E

DOMKA, Mary, born 1891, died Jun 17, 1906, 17y
Residence: 149 N. Lawndale Ave
Int. No. 33835-Lot 469-Block E

DOMKA, Martin M., born 1868, died May 09, 1950, 82y
Residence: Waukegan
Int. No.64197 Lot 910 Block D

DOMKA, Ada M (Goble), died May 1948, 58y
Residence: Oak Park
Lot 480 Block D

DOMKA, Martian J, died Sep 29, 1968
Residence: Elgin
Lot 480 Block D

St. Joseph Cemetery

Cumberland & Belmont Ave., River Grove, 60171

FRIEL, Cornelius Francis, born Oct 23, 1889, died Aug 17, 1961, 71 years, 9 months, 25 days, Born in Philadelphia, PA. Died in Chicago. He was a Plasterer. Cause of Death: Cerebral hemorrhage. Buried in Lot 325, Section AA, Block 1, Grave #5-1/2.

MORRIS, Margaret E. (GOFF), born Apr 06, 1917, died Jul 10, 1981, 64 years, 3 months, 4 days,Born in Michigan, died in Chicago. She was an office clerk. Cause of Death: Heart disease. Maiden name was Goff. Buried in Lot 30, Section K, Block 9.

MORRIS, William John, born May 14, 1915, died Nov 01, 1983, 68 years, 5 months, 18 days, Born and died in Chicago. He was an electronics repairman. Cause of Death: Heart disease. Buried in Lot 30, Section K, Block 9, Grave #3.

Contributed 1998 by Kelly

Sec. NN, Block 10, Lot 13, 1 & 2

Joseph Peter Dempsey
B 05-01-1895 Elk Rapids Michigan
D 04-03-1969
Cause: Myocardial Infarction
Occup: Tool and Die Maker
Resided: 7843 E. Prairie Road-Skokie, Illinos
Haben Funeral Home 8057 Niles Center Road-Skokie, Ill

Catherine Greig Dempsey
B 05-04-1901 Chicago, Ill
D 04-17-1991
Cause: Ileus undetermined
Occup: Retired Secretary
Resided: 7843 E. Prairie Road, Skokie, Ill
Haben Funeral Home 8057 Niles Center Road, Skokie, Ill

Contributed Sep 1999 by Jan Dempsey

Name: Edward J. Ford
Date of birth: 9/25/1891
Date of Death: 6/3/1945
Age: 53 years, 8 months, 8 days
Cause of Death: Coronary Insufficiency
Occupation: Truck Driver, Trucking Company
Buried at: St. Joseph Cemetery, 3100 Thatcher Ave. River Grove, IL.
North Half/Lot 441/Section DD

Contributed Mar 2004 by Cheryl (Ford) Davis

St. John’s Cemetery

Located on O’Hare Airport property.

There is a set of train tracks that separate the cemetery from the main road. It is hard to stay longer than an hour at a time because the train comes and parks on the track there across the road and we could be stuck back there all night. This is only a partial list. This list is purposely unsorted alphabetically. It is, however, sorted in the order as the stones were “read” by the submitter.

KNACK, ALbert 1876 – 1952
KNACK, Lizzie 1875 – 1948
KLAUS, Edwin H. 7.12.1921 – 8.8.1977 – US Army WWII
KLAUS, Mary 1880 – 1956
SCHROEDER, Wilhelm 12.13.1849 – 8.6.1910
HEIMSOTH, (nee Schroeder) Martha 9.28.1880 – 5.20.1910
BARUTH, William H. 1869 – 1928
BARUTH, Bertha AM 1873 – 1964
BARUTH, Oscar W 1900-1986
BAARUTH, Ada 7.13.1907 – 7.14.1908
WILKE (nee Schwarz), Emma 11.15.1871 – 8.15.1907
MARSCHALL, Bertha 1859 – 1934
MARSCHALL, Friederich 1858 – 1946
MARSCHALL, Otto 1898 – 1926
GODDEKE, Maria 1865 — 1946
GODDEKE, Bernhard 1867 – 1938
GODDEKE, Walter 4.26.1900 – 7.9.1913
GODDEKE, Rosa 2.3.1904 – 2.14.1911
MOLLENKAMP, William 1872 – 1953
MOLLENKAMP, Anna 1881 – 1961
MOLLENKAMP, Elise 11.30.1873 – 8.8.1905
TASCH (nee Kobberman), Maria 8.20.1839 – 4.23.1920
TASCH, Heinrich 1838 – 1903 OR 1908 ??
BLUME, Herman 12.18.1871 – 3.24.1913
BLUME (nee Tasch), Louise 9.8.1874 – 4.27.1930
(2 headstones that are unreadable)
STURM, Paul AC 1891 – 1960
STURM, Alma WA 1892 – 1934
KUHLMANN, Edward 1868 – 1945
KUHLMANN, Martha 1871 – 1957
(headstone too worn to read)
STEIN, Minnie 8.31.1898 12.29.1989
STEIN, William 12.28.1892 (ILL CPL 214 PW Escort CO Asc WWI) 1.4.1963
SCHNELL, Frank 1861 – 1926
SCHNELL, Catharina 1864 – 1929
(2 headstones that are unreadable)
DOHE, Lizette 1864 – 1936
DOHE, Henry 1861 – 1929
MESS, Herman 1821 – 1902
MESS, Lissette 1834 – 1920
MESS stone 1920 – ??
MESS, Wilhelm 1836 – 1920
MESS, Karoina 1844 – 1914
HASSELMANN, too hard to read
unreadable childs
WINKLEMANN, Hulda 10.1.1902 – 1.1.1906
WINKLEMANN, Louis 1860 – 1928
WINKLEMANN, Emma 1866 – 1922
WINKLEMANN, William 1856 – 1920
WINKLEMANN, Mary 1856 – 1921
WINKLEMANN, Otto 10.15.1898 – 9.2.1988
WINKLEMANN, Hulda 8.15.1884 – 5.9.1902
WINKELMANN, Rose 1883 – 1941
WINKLEMANN, Lena 1856 – 1933
WINKLEMANN, Henry G. 1852 – 1930
WINKLEMANN, Irene 1906 – 1922
WINKLEMANN, Emma 6.25.1895 – 2.18.1904
VOLBERDING, FH 12.29.1861 – no date
VOLBERDING, Rosa L. 11.13.1865 – 4.6.1905
GRONEMEIER, unreadable
GRONEMEIER, Auguste 1864 – 1919
GRONEMEIER (nee Oehreicher ?), Maria 7.31.1866 – 2.20.1911
GRONEMEIER, Simon 1.21.1861 – 9.15.1908
GRONEMEIER, Emma 1856 – 1901(?)
MESS, Carl 10.9.1853 – 9.28.1907
MESS, Laura (Laura Mess Pingel) 1888 – 1913 & Infant son Raymond
LANDWEHR, no name or date
STOCK, Heinrich 4.1876 – 1.1901
STOCK, Alvina 1871 – 1948
STOCK, Lena 1874 – 1929
STORK, Simon A 11.1837 – 11.1915
STORK (nee GRONEMEIER), 12.20.1845 – 10.26.1916
LANDMEIER, Henry J. 1865 – 1927
LANDMEIER, Dena 1869 – 1944
TASCHE, Henry 1866 – 1949
TASCHE, Dena 1880 – 1953
TASCHE, Melvin 1905 – 1939
TASCHE, Hulda 1910 – 1916
TASCHE, Raymond 1912 – 1915
SCHULZE, 1898 – 1964
SCHULZE, Alvina 1866 – 1932
SCHULZE, Henry F. Sr. 1861 – 1922
LANDMEIER, Fred W. 1860 – 1919
LANDMEIER (nee Franzen), 1863 – 1929
LANDMEIER, Louis 1861 – 1954
LANDMEIER, Minnie 1871 – 1933
5 unreadable stones
HELMOLD, Henry 1871 – 1928
HELMOLD, William 1878 – 1955
HELMOLD, Dietrich 1873 – 1956
WENDT – unreadable
WENDT, Herman 12.1852 – 8.1915
WENDT, Fridericka 10.1858 – 5.1938
WENDT, Amalia 1899 – 1900
WENDT, Wilhelm 1894 – 1896
WENDT, Georg 1892 – 1953
WENDT, Amanda 1880 – 1881
GODDEKE, John 6.14.1831 – 10.12.1915
GODDEKE, Katharina 8.24.1830 – 5.7.1914
GODDEKE, August C. 1864 – 1946 (RFDC 1904 – 1932)
GODDEKE, Alvina 1833 – 1937
KOLZE, Herman 1864 – 1932
KOLZE, Mathilda 1865 – 1945
KOLZE, Fritz 12.14.1889 – 2.12.1901
KOLZE (nee Stade), Caroline 3.13.1844 – 5.28.1921
KOLZE, Emil 1.27.1882 – 12.8.1922
KOLZE, Louise 12.26.1867 – not finished
KOLZE, SD Martha 3.12.1880 – 10.18.1895
unreadable dates are possibly 1895 – 1895
KOEBBERMAN, John 1844 – 1939
KOEBBERMAN (nee Kuking), Adelheid 1850 – 1929
STRUCKMANN, D. unreadable
DOHE, Herman 1884 – 1972
DOHE, Emma 1878 – 1967
HELMOLD, Friederich 1869 – 1932
HELMOLD(nee Hartke), Bertha 1879 – 1945
HELMOLD, Alfred D. 1907 – 1961
HELMOLD(nee Baumgartner), 1850 – 1953 (??)
DOHE, Henry A. 1870 – 1961
DOHE, Louise C. 1876 – 1967
HEMOLD, Kathy 8.15.1960 (daug. of Geo. and Joanne)
GEILS(nee Kathke(?)), Katharina 2.25.1835 – 8.6.1913
GEILS, Heinrich 2.26.1883 – ?.23.1901
FRANZEN, William G. 2.12.1847 – 5.24.1916
FRANZEN, Maria 2.26.1865 – not finished
3 unreadable stones
LANDWEHR, Herman H. 1849 – 1922
SCHWERDTFEGER, Charles H. 9.15.1895 – 3.10.1938
SCHWERDTFEGER, Katharina 8.2.1851 – 10.10.1937
SCHWERDTFEGER, ???? 1848 – 1903
DOHE, Henry 11.10.1908 – 1.25.1909
DOHE, Sophie 12.6.1864 – 4.15.1943
DOHE, Bernhardt 8.25.1855 – 1.23.1938
LANDMEIER, Edwin F. 1879 – 1951
LANDMEIER, Martha A 1883 – 1967
KRUEGER, Arlene May 5.1.1942
KRUGER, Carl 1861 – 1935
KRUEGER, Catharine 1859 – 1940
KRUEGER, Elsie 1900 – 1918
BLUME, Clara 1894 – 1948
BLUME, William 1891 – 1968
BLUME, Clarence 1919 – 1988
3 stones unreadable
STOEHLKE (nee Heine) cannot read first name 4.14.1833
STOEHLKE, Francis 3.22.1844 – 9.27.1906
STOEHLKE, Caroline 4.19.1833 – 9.4.1912
DIERKS, Louis Jr. 1.26.1861 – 5.5.1925
HEIMSOTH, William 1857 – 1937
HEIMSOTH, Louise 1860 – 1943
FENKE, George 1873 – 1940 broken
FINKE, unreadable
FINKE, Andrew 1882 – 1929
FINKE, Gerhard 1843 – 1949
FINKE, Caroline 1844 – 1924
FINKE, Hannah 1880 – 1925
SCHOPPE, Emil 4.24.1883 – 10.27.1962
SCHOPPE, Anna M. 6.19.1883 – 4.27.1978
SCHOPPE, Mary Ann 1861 – 1952
SCHOPPE, Barney 1853 – 1927
DIERKS, Ludwig 7.15.1835 – 5.26.1885
DIERKS, Margaretha 9.16.1833 – 8.10.1925
DIERKS, Wilhelm 10.10.1865 – 10.28.1903
DIERKS(nee Hordmeyer ?), Emma 2.10.1869 – 1.3.1909
DIERKS, Albert 7.26.1870 – 6.26.1922
STOCK, Amanda L. 1887 – 1948
STOCK, William 1881 – 1956
MAGERS, Heinrich 2.23.1877 – 2.22.1880 (?)
JARNECKE, Christian 1820 – 1913
JARNECKE, Maria 1832 – 1928
JARNECKE, George 1854 – 1856
JARNECKE, Heinrich 1856 – 1878
JARNECKE, Emil 1860 – 188(?)
LANDWEHR, Margurette 1851 – 1921
LANDWEHR, John 1817 – 1893
LANDMEIER, Albert 1880 – 1939
LANDMEIER, Amanda 1880 – 1950
LANDMEIER, Earl 5.7.1939
LANDMEIER, Luella 5..30.1909 – 9.24.1917
SCHARRINGHAUSEN, Henry 1831 – 1988
SCHARRINGHAUSEN, Adelheud 1836 – 1903
SCHARRINAUSEN, Maria Adelheid 12.20.1835 born in Schule, Lecklemburg, Kenig(?),Prussia
KRUSE, Albert H 1898 – 1945
KRUSE(nee LANDMEIER), Bertha 12.8.1870 – 1.22.1900
LANDMEIER, 2 stones unreadable
MAGERS, Maria 8.30.1870 – 4.4.1894
MAGERS, male 8.28.1807 – 5.29.1895
MAGERS, Heinrich V. 9.17.1847 – 7.22.1918
MAGERS (nee Marschall), Maria 6.9.1853 – 6.19.1935
STELLMAN, Rebecka ureadable
STELLMAN, Peter unreadable
MAHLMANN, Dorathe 1.29.1823 – 7.20.1905
MAHLMANN, Heinrich 10.30.1813 – 8.4.1895
HACHMEISTER, Heinrich 1803 – 1868
HACHMEISTER, Sophia 1820 – 1867
RUKING, Henry 2.16.1861 – 11.21.1904
RUKING, cannot read first name 1868 – 1897
MUNSTERMANN, George 1857 – 1858
MUNSTERMANN, Anna M 1812 – 1881
MUNSTERMANN, Herman H. 1806 – 1883
HARTMANN, Hattie C. 1858 – 1938
HINGST, Charlotte 1801 – 1894
HINGST, Friederich AD 1871
HARTMANN, Theobald 1827 – 1891
HARTMANN, Charlotte 1837 – 1904
HARTMANN, CLarence 1867 – 1868
SCHMIDT, Johann F. 1817 – 1907
SCHMIDT, Johanna E. 1814 – 1853
SIEGRIST, Edward 1895 – 1953
SIEGRIST, Ida 1889 – 1931
RUKING, Wilhelm 8.17.1893 – 7.12.1910
RUKING, Friederich 2.16.1861 – 11.21.1904
RUKING (nee Bolge), Ida 3.14.1868 – 4.6.1897
MUNSTERMANN, Dietrich 12.4.1841 – 1.17.1924
ROHDE, Fred 6.14.1828 – 10.27.1880
ROHDE, Anna 11.20.1835 – 4.9.1905
MIDDENDORF, Johann B. 12.5.1824 – 4.29.1910
LANDMEIER, John H 1854 – 1920
LANDMEIER, Henriette 1835 – 1915
LANDMEIER, John G. 1803 – 1898
LANDMEIER, Margaretha 1802 – 1871
LANDMEIER, Heinrich 1857 – 1869 (born Germany)
LANDMEIER, E. Karol. Maria 1865 – 1866
SCHWERDTFEGER, August 1845 – 1933
SCHWERDTFEGER, Alvina 1854 – 1939
KORTHAUER, Mary 10.10.1827 – 3.23.1910
KORTHAUER, unreadable
KORTHAUER, Herman H 1852 – 1939
KORTHAUER, Cecilia 1868 – 19 not finished
DUNTMAN, Christian 4.9.1809 – 6.19.1865
DUNTMAN (nee Grdmann), Melizna(?) 1.16.1814 – 12.30.1896
LANDMEIER (nee Schoppe), Adelheid 11.8.1844 – 10.23.1863
LANDMEIER, Amanda 1886 – unfinished
LANDMEIER, Anneme 1888 – 1888
LANDMEIER, 1875 – 1875
LANDMEIER, Mina 1875 – 1875
LANDMEIER, Auguste 1876 – 1877
LANDMEIER, Baby 1862 – 1862
LANDMEIER, Alwine 1863 – 1863
LANDMEIER, Bernhard H. 4.21.1838 – 7.6.1921
LANDMEIER(nee Schoppe), Maria 1.18.1849 – 6.17.1916
STUEVE, Johann Gerhardt 8.12.1793 – 2.3.1881
STUEVE, Johann Heinrich 11.5.1827 – 3.14.1875
STUEVE, Fenne Maria 1.29.1789 – 12.2.1864
STUEVE, Heinrich 3.31.1855 – 8.31.1856
LEMKE, William 1882 – 1964
LEMKE, Mary 1891 – 1947
unreadable name 1821 – 1872
WILKEN, Henrietta 6.1.1813 – 9.28.1878
WILKEN, Juergen 3.25.1804 – 1.16.1873
WILKEN, Wilhelmine 6.5.1844 – 10.25.1866
WILKEN, Adolph 10.17.1850 – 9.22.1858
MUNSTERMANN, Herman 1866 – 1943
MUNSTERMANN, Dorthea 1870 – 1959
ROHLFES, Adolph R. 1811 – 1882
ROHLFES, Maria 1828 – 1905
ROHLFES, Frederich 18864 – 1946
KOLZE, Clara M. 1865 – 1943
KOLZE, Albert L. 1863 – 1941
KOLZE, Heinrich 5.18.1833 – 1898
KOLZE, Marie 8.9.1885 – 10.11.1923
KOLZE, Malinda wife of Frank Bork, 8.2.1888 – 6.5.1916
SCHOPPE, Otto 1899 – 1916
SCHOPPE, Dini 1864 – 1957
SCHOPPE, John H 1850 – 1921
SCHOPPE, JH cannot read
BLEICH, Frederick H 12.3.1882 – 5.4.1852
BLEICH, Lena M 11.17.1884 – 6.20.1945
BLEICH, B. Bernard 6.6.1910 – 4.2.1941
BLEICH(nee Rohde) Louisa 2.6.1862 – 5.1.1952
BLEICH, Christ 8.2.1846 – 3.26.1930
BLEICH, Marth DA 1.28.1906 – 4.12.1917
KOLZE, Lizzette 6.2.1839 – 7.11.1895
KOLZE, William 10.9.1836 – 6.23.1896
KOLZE, George unreadable

Contributed by Cindy Johnson

St. Boniface Cemetery

Chicago, Illinois

Breajo, Fred???8/30/1887 
Breatdhe, Julius???7/9/1946 
Brechel, Francisca???8/8/1884 
Brechel, George???7/30/190013 years
Brechel, Hedwig???10/29/191319 years
Brechel, John???10/17/190241 years
Brechel, Regina???5/10/1902 
Brechenfeld, Jennie???3/11/1943 
Brecher, Bertha???7/16/1900 
Brecheren, Cath???11/10/1893 
Brechle, Baby???2/20/1887 
Breckel, Catharina???12/31/188910 months
Brede, Leonard???5/21/1892 
Bredel, Anna???2/10/1952 
Bredel, Clara???12/4/1944 
Bredel, Frank???4/3/1889 
Bredel, Herman A???11/26/1951 
Bredel, Howard A???10/29/197860 years
Bredel, John???3/19/189411 years
Bredel, John???9/5/191476 years
Bredel, Mabel Paulina???7/30/1897 
Bredel, Peter P???6/20/1923 
Bredel, Rosa???6/17/18874 months
Bredel, Rose???4/30/197286 years
Bredel, Rosina???8/1/191362 years
Bredemann, Baby???12/21/1941 
Bredemann, Frank???11/14/1933 
Bredemann, Joseph???1/19/191136 years
Bredemann, Joseph???7/27/191360 years
Bredemann, Louis L???11/24/1944 
Bredemann, Maria???2/22/191867 years
Bredemann, Mary???2/21/1921 
Bredemann, Vincent???4/16/1929 
Bredemann, William???1/29/1922 
Bredtschneider, Catherine???6/12/150 
Bredtschneider, Theodore???1/22/1934 
Breen, Agnes???11/1/1897 
Breen, Jos???10/22/1902 
Breen, Marg. Magd.???1/5/1895 
Breen, Margaret???1/24/197854 years
Breen, Mary???7/1/1922 
Breen, Mary Anna???9/23/18996 years
Bregel, Xaver???3/28/1891 
Bregenzer, Agnes???10/17/198181 years
Bregenzer, Alex A???7/10/1947 
Bregenzer, Alexander???3/24/1966 
Bregenzer, Anna???2/6/1954 
Bregenzer, Anthony???1/25/1925 
Bregenzer, Baby???3/6/1929 
Bregenzer, John???3/12/1950 
Bregenzer, Josephine Marg.???10/6/1881 
Bregenzer, Jospehine M???8/16/1971 
Bregenzer, Margaretha???11/15/190851 years
Bregenzer, Mary???10/26/1961 
Bregenzer, Mary E.???10/29/1983 
Bregenzer, Mary K???11/22/1920 
Bregenzer, Math???1/17/1896 
Bregenzer, Michael O.???7/17/1948 
Bregenzer, Nicholas???10/24/1922 
Bregenzer, Nicolaus???3/28/1905 
Bregenzer, Peter M Rev.???3/24/1923 
Bregenzer, Theresia???7/19/1895 
Breght, Baby  No dates listed
Conrad, Adam???5/13/187976 years
Conrad, Agnes M???4/4/1936 
Conrad, Aloysuis???9/4/197379 years
Conrad, Andreas???1/26/186943 years
Conrad, Anna???2/12/1863 
Conrad, Anna M???6/5/187754 years
Conrad, Anton???12/19/191070 years
Conrad, August???1/13/1982 
Conrad, Baby???9/23/1892 
Conrad, Edward???7/19/1904 
Conrad, Frank???12/4/191245 years
Conrad, Friedrich???5/8/189131 years
Conrad, Henry???7/9/1884 
Conrad, Jac???11/14/190065 years
Conrad, John???2/10/1853 
Conrad, John???2/5/1892 
Conrad, John???5/20/191447 years
Conrad, John???9/8/190063 years
Conrad, Jos B???4/19/190236 years
Conrad, Julianna???11/14/189155 years
Conrad, Louise???4/26/1940 
Conrad, Margareth???11/23/190672 years
Conrad, Maria???10/17/1870 
Conrad, Mary???11/23/1915 
Conrad, Mina???11/5/1891 
Conrad, Odelia???3/5/1899 
Conrad, Peter???185660 years
Conrad, Peter???2/28/189036 years
Conrad, Peter Math???6/18/1889 
Conrad, Theresa???3/9/191161 years
Conrad, Theresa???7/28/1891 
Conrad, Theresa???8/8/187834 years
Conrad, Wilhelmina???2/3/1955 
Conradi, Ann???11/3/198091 years
Conradi, Ernest Sr.???1/10/1957 
Conradi, Theresa O???12/4/1919 
Conrado, Andreas???10/2/1898 
Conrado, Edmund???2/13/1902 
Conrado, Jac???6/29/1900 
Conrado, Margaretha???12/26/1889 
Conrado, Peter???7/17/189057 years
Conrady, Elizabeth???5/4/1936 
Conrady, John???4/10/1929 
Conrady, Nic???9/9/1887 
Conrardy, Elizabeth???10/12/1952 
Conrath, Frank???3/23/1893 
Conrath, Jacob???7/17/1893 
Conrath, John???6/27/191462 years
Conrath, John N (Jack)???6/29/1961 
Conrath, Jos???10/31/1883 
Conrath, Mary???11/27/1940 
Conrath, Peter???9/5/1946 
Conraths, Adam???10/3/189766 years
Conraths, Mary???12/1/191283 years
Consbruck, Elis???11/3/18766 years
Consbruck, Hein???9/23/1880 
Consbruck, Nic???2/27/188560 years
Crawford, Baby stillborn???2/10/1970 
Crawford, Charles S.???7/8/1951 
Crawford, Clarence F.???7/4/1955 
Crawford, Katherine???8/19/1950 
Crawford, Luverne???10/18/1909 
Craymano, Mary???12/8/1905 
Creevy, Goerge???6/3/191325 years
Creevy, John B???2/3/191751 years
Creighton, Child???8/29/1947(John L & Alvina)
Crell, John Arthur???11/9/1891 
Cremer, Anthony???1/20/1925 
Cremer, Anton???8/12/188557 years
Cremer, Catharina???3/30/188960 years
Cremer, Child of Mary & Frank???5/18/1914 
Cremer, Dorthea???1/31/19066 years 6 months
Cremer, Edward J???12/1/196963 years
Cremer, Elizabeth???1/4/1945 
Cremer, Henry J???6/2/1898 
Cremer, Jacob???1/29/1911 
Cremer, John???6/22/1919 
Cremer, John C.???12/20/1965 
Cremer, John C.???4/29/1925 
Cremer, John Theo???12/4/1899 
Cremer, Katherine???8/1/1936 
Cremer, Lillian B???6/11/1960 
Cremer, Mary???8/2/1936 
Cremer, Mathias J???3/12/1950 
Cremer, Nic???6/3/1925 
Cremer, Philip???6/1/1935 
Focke, Emilia John???10/19/1882 
Focke, Mary E.???10/30/18832 years 6 months
Foedker, Henrietta???3/15/197070 years
Foege, Beatrice???3/2/191618 years
Foegen, Angela???10/8/191776 years
Foegen, Hubert???4/1/187256 years
Foegen, Mathias???11/24/1922 
Foegen, Susanna???10/27/190486 years
Foeger, Paul???10/6/1887 
Foels, Frank Jacob???9/25/1891 
Foerg, Caspar???5/31/191125 years
Foerloch, Alia J F???6/6/1901 
Foerloch, Anna???11/30/191640 years
Foerloch, August???5/25/1894 
Foerloch, Barbara???9/9/1922 
Foerloch, Carl???8/22/1880 
Foerloch, Carolina???4/30/1898 
Foerloch, Cath???8/16/1881 
Foerloch, Frank???10/10/1904 
Foerloch, Frank???2/16/1930 
Foerloch, George Henry???8/7/1905 
Foerloch, Geroge???5/11/191941 years
Foerloch, Geroge J???2/20/1931 
Foerloch, Johann???12/7/1902 
Foerloch, John???4/1/1889 
Foerloch, John???5/8/1880 
Foerloch, John???8/4/1909 
Foerloch, John F???12/23/1948 
Foerloch, Jos???5/6/1891 
Foerlsch, Edwin???6/11/1960 
Foerlsch, Jacob???11/25/1882 
Foerlsch, Margaret M.???8/11/197778 years
Foerlsch, Maria???8/16/1881 
Foerlsch, Maria Ottilia???8/8/1892 
Foerst, Catherine???7/14/197088 years
Foerst, Eberhard???10/5/188948 years
Foerst, Edward???12/14/1921 
Foerst, Eliz???1/11/1926 
Foerst, Henry???7/12/197488 years
Foerst, Howard???11/5/1920 
Foerst, Josephine???10/19/197596 years
Foerst, Lucy???7/27/1940 
Foerst, Peter???1/2/191061 years
Foerst, Sophie???9/15/1962 
Foerster, Anna???1/28/191539 years
Foerster, Anna Maria???2/31/1919 
Foerster, Augusta???5/5/1906 
Foerster, Edward E.???12/16/198073 years
Foerster, Elizabeth???8/19/1944 
Foerster, Emil???5/7/1926 
Foerster, Francis???7/22/1940 
Foerster, Franz???3/26/187457 years
Foerster, Geroge???11/15/1925 
Foerster, Gertrude???7/9/1906 
Foerster, Henriette???5/12/1896 
Foerster, John J???1/1/19035 years
Foerster, John P???11/22/191549 years
Foerster, Rosa Anna???11/3/1899 
Foerster, Rose K???1/6/1950 
Foerster, Wilhelmina???7/19/1889 
Foerster, baby of Dora & John???10/20/1906 
Foertsch, Anna???2/2/197288 years
Foertsch, Annie???2/8/1941 
Foertsch, Joseh???3/3/1933 
Foertsch, Katherine???10/31/1961 
Foertsch, Magdalen???10/26/186465 years
Foertsch, Maria???2/22/188125 years
Foertsch, Marie???3/27/188178 years
Foertsch, Marilyn???12/3/96754 years
Foertsch, Mary???4/15/191469 years
Foertsch, Mary???8/13/1947 
Foertsch, Mathias???11/3/1918 
Foertsch, Micahel???2/21/189449 years
Foertsch, Rich Mich???4/22/1902 
Foertsch, Theresia???9/28/1916 
Fogarty, Janet???1/20/1920 
Fogarty, Jennie A.???11/7/1939 
Fogarty, John???8/6/190838 years
Fogli, Amy???11/23/19848 hours
Fogli, Anna M???8/31/1908 
Fogli, Benjamin???8/11/1913 
Fogli, Cecelia???5/5/1982 
Fogli, Elizabeth???7/3/191128 years
Forest, Arthur H.???8/18/1904 
Grabinger, Dora4/26/18963/5/1980 
Grabinger, Elizabeth 10/15/18847/29/1951
Grabinger, John Louis Jr.3/9/191212/12/196957 years
Grabinger, John Louis Sr.2/15/18862/13/1950 
Grabinger, Joseph10/16/18757/2/1957 
Grabinger, Winifred19148/26/197863 years
Grablowski, Ferd???9/24/1890 
Grabonski, Anna???12/29/1896(moved to Polish Cemetery)
Graboosky, August???12/8/1889 
Grabovity, Joseysline???1/8/1914 
Grabowicz, Valentine???3/7/1891 
Grabowitz, Fred William???6/18/1911 
Grabowski, Clemens???3/4/1887 
Grabowski, Jac Leo???2/11/1887 
Grabowski, Julino???12/30/190852 years
Grabowski, Agnes???5/15/1906 
Grabowski, Alphonoe G???5/25/1898 
Grabowski, Anna???9/23/191822 years
Grabowski, Baby Mary & Carl???10/25/1916 
Grabowski, Bernhard???3/18/1890(moved to polish cemetery)
Grabowski, Carl???10/2/1963 
Grabowski, Clementin???4/16/1911 
Grabowski, J baby???9/13/1888 
Grabowski, John???6/30/1901 
Grabowski, Jos H.???3/28/1891 
Grabowski, Julian???3/1/191959 years
Grabowski, Mary???10/27/191628 years
Grabowski, baby???1/14/1893 
Razzaro, Rosa???1/21/1906 
Thal, Catharina???10/26/1895 
Thal, Wil???4/6/188264 years
Thalhammer, Theresia???11/12/1892 
Thall, Anton???4/24/1900 
Thamerus, Anton???1/7/1943 
Thamerus, Elizabeth???5/7/1942 
Thamerus, Elizabeth???7/21/1930 
Thanm, N.D.???7/26/189228 years
Thanner, Frank H.???1/6/1934 
Thanner, Marie???1/27/1957 
Thannhausen, Charles???1/15/1940 
Thart, William M???9/22/197546 years
Thau, Louise???4/14/198177 years
Thau, Raymond???9/30/1959 
Thebes, John P???11/7/1909 
Theide, Fransicsa???11/19/189863 years
Theide, Fred???10/28/1919 
Theil, John???4/15/1911 
Theil, Ralph R???5/18/1927 
Theilen, Christ???9/22/190957 years
Theilen, Joseph???4/29/187655 years
Thein, Anna???10/17/187045 years
Thein, Elis???2/9/190354 years
Thein, John W???12/10/1954 
Thein, Marguerite???10/18/1955 
Thein, Math???7/18/188725 years
Thein, Mathias???5/19/1922 
Thein, Michael???9/24/1985 
Thein, Nic???4/7/188363 years
Thein, Peter???11/2/1892 
Thein, Susanna???1/15/191556 years
Theiner, Baby???9/12/1890 
Theiner, Sophia???6/18/1895 
Theis, Agnes???10/17/1911 
Theis, Albert???10/30/1893 
Theis, Aloys???5/4/1894 
Theis, Andrew???11/3/1914 
Theis, Anna???2/8/1962 
Theis, Anna Marie???9/5/187233 years
Theis, Anna Mary???5/6/1932 
Theis, Anton???9/14/1897 
Theis, Apolonia???5/4/1902 
Theis, Baby???9/28/1892 
Theis, Barbra???10/23/1906 
Theis, Caspar???2/11/189157 years
Theis, Cath???4/4/1902 
Theis, Catharina???10/3/189888 years
Theis, Catherine???5/2/191375 years
Theis, Christina???7/24/188454 years
Theis, Dorthy???11/7/1897 
Theis, Elis???11/10/18767 years
Theis, Elis???11/4/1897 
Theis, Elisabeth???2/09/1903 
Theis, Elizabeth???5/8/196978 years
Theis, Elizabeth???7/30/1892 
Theis, Ella Elis???7/9/1902 
Theis, Esther???10/28/1916 
Theis, Frank???11/14/1916 
Theis, Fred???7/20/1914 
Theis, George???8/9/1915 
Theis, Helen???4/7/1955 
Theis, Jacob???1/8/1907 
Theis, Jacob???11/23/1916 
Theis, Jacob F.???2/7/1963 
Theis, Joan M.???7/27/1966 
Theis, John???12/29/1965 
Theis, John???4/7/189656 years
Theis, Joseph???3/26/1894 
Theis, Joseph???8/2/1903 
Theis, Jospeh???5/8/1900 
Theis, Magdelena???12/8/1890 
Theis, Marg.???8/27/1883 
Theis, Margaret???5/11/1972 
Theis, Maria???10/1/1924 
Theis, Maria???10/13/1894 
Theis, Maria???10/8/198085 years
Theis, Maria???8/7/1899 
Theis, Martha???1/8/1906 
Theis, Math???10/1/188313 years
Theis, Mathias???186147 years
Theis, Mathias???3/21/191966 years
Theis, Mathias???7/28/186835 years
Theis, Mathias???8/4/190516 years
Theis, Michael???8/18/188430 years
Theis, Nic???3/23/188830 years
Theis, Nicholaus???12/1/191423 years
Theis, Peter???3/3/187942 years
Theis, Peter???4/2/191521 years
Theis, Peter???6/20/1892 
Theis, Peter???6/22/190837 years
Theis, Peter???9/20/186466 years
Theis, Robert S.???11/30/1940 
Theis, Susanna???11/4/187866 years
Theis, Susanna???2/8/188474 years
Theis, Theodore???10/22/1926 
Theisen, Agnes???8/26/188520 years
Theisen, Albertina???1/3/188464 years
Theisen, Anna???11/17/190636 years
Theisen, Baby???10/31/1890 
Theisen, Barbara?????? 
Theisen, Elis???12/13/187265 years
Theisen, Frances???10/13/1951 
Theisen, Henry???7/29/191233 years
Theisen, Hubert Jos???5/20/189473 years
Theisen, Ino???7/4/1893 
Theisen, Jacob???2/3/186845 years
Theisen, Jacob???5/9/190840 years
Theisen, John???1/18/1947 
Theisen, John???11/17/190977 years
Theisen, John???5/20/187214 years
Theisen, John Jos???11/22/189765 years
Theisen, Josepha???9/5/188972 years
Theisen, Jospeh???12/14/1938 
Theisen, Katherine???1/29/1913 
Theisen, Lambert???6/14/189673 years
Theisen, Marg???11/29/190259 years
Theisen, Mary???2/23/190868 years
Theisen, Mathias???3/22/197469 years
Theisen, Mich???7/2/188210 years
Theisen, Michel???7/6/186878 years
Theisen, Nic???1/13/188125 years
Theisen, Peter???10/18/189852 years
Theisen, Peter???11/21/188689 years
Theisen, Peter???4/3/189772 years
Theisen, Rose G.???2/18/1910 
Theisen, Susanna???11/10/190269 years
Theisen, Ursula???12/15/1909 
Theisen, William???11/19/1890 
Theisenn, Barb???7/14/1895 
Theisger, Peter???6/6/1923 
Theisges, Elis???10/23/190057 years
Theiss, Peter???3/4/188566 years
Theiz, Anton???6/11/190819 years
Thelen, Anna???1/30/191145 years
Thelen, Anna???10/10/189957 years
Thelen, Anna M.???5/28/191473 years
Thelen, Anna Mary???10/27/188665 years
Thelen, Anton???12/18/190961 years
Thelen, Baby???7/20/1894 
Thelen, Berndard???12/16/1905 
Thelen, Bernhard???3/5/1959 
Thelen, Cath???8/25/1902 
Thelen, Eva M.???2/20/191145 years
Thelen, Evalyn???7/22/1946 
Thelen, Johann???10/9/186644 years
Thelen, John???5/3/191430 years
Thelen, Leo???3/27/189721 years
Thelen, Louise???9/10/1948 
Thelen, Maria H.???1/4/1898 
Thelen, Mathias???2/14/189567 years
Thelen, Michael???2/21/1930 
Thelen, Nicholas???1/30/1925 
Thelen, Nicholas???2/12/1936 
Thelen, Peter???12/20/1892 
Thelen, Peter J???1/31/1939 
Thelen, Stella???10/11/1913 
Thelen, Susan???2/14/1961 
Thelen, Susanna???12/23/18755 years
Thelen, Theresa???1/24/1947 
Thelen, Theresa???5/8/1910 
Themann, August???3/27/189035 years
Then, Anna M???3/12/191786 years
Then, Anton???12/1/191082 years
Then, Baby???12/31/1893 
Theno, Augusta???2/21/189149 years
Theno, John???2/16/189166 years
Theno, John???9/13/188410 years
Theno, Susanna???2/25/18749 years
Theobald, Frank J Dr.???7/28/1950Grave transferred to Fox River Grove 12/6/1966.
Theodo, Simon???10/26/1905 
Theodora, Sister M???12/27/197733 years
Theodora, Sister M.T.???3/15/189432 years
Therebrake, Gertrude???11/19/1898 
Therens, John???1/2/1936 
Therens, Joseph C???7/5/1897 
Therens, Loretta???5/30/191124 years
Therens, Mamie???2/24/191228 years
Therens, Margaret???10/10/1942 
Theress, Nicholas???6/26/1910 
Theroux, Arthur T???6/29/1945 
Theroux, Cecelia???9/27/197280 years
Thesen, Barbra???9/5/1887 
Thesen, Crescentia???4/2/18926 years
Thesing, Henry???9/13/1903 
Thesing, Susanna M???8/11/1895 
Theske, Joseph???11/23/1892 
Thexton, Barbara???5/4/1931 
Thexton, Edward???5/25/191859 years
Theyson, Nic???1/9/187424 years
Thibon, Baby???1/12/1893 
Thibusch, Elizabeth???6/21/189667 years
Thiede, Frederick???7/6/190387 years
Thiede, Mark???1/9/190936 years
Thiede, Paul???12/27/1891 
Thiel, Anton???3/7/189534 years
Thiess, Barbar???10/23/1906 
Trier, Jos???2/24/1896 
Trier, Jos H???12/12/18828 years
Trier, Minnie???12/25/1925 
Trier, Siclonia???10/18/1942 
Trier, Wilhelmina S???8/12/1893 
Trierweiler, Helma???6/15/1913 
Uble (Uebele) Eliz???12/4/188053 years
Uchytel, Phyllis???10/18/1945 
Ucker, Jacob???3/22/188741 years
Ucker, Maria???8/11/187361 years
Ucker, Mary???5/29/1935 
Ucker, Rose???10/26/1957 
Udell, Charles N???9/27/1970 
Udell, Helen???6/6/1981 
Udovitsch, Mathias???7/31/1910 
Uebersax, Joseph C.???8/13/1909 
Uebersax, Mary???7/26/1931 
Uecher, Maria???10/5/1895 
Uerbeltneig, Eliz???2/6/1890 
Uff, Mary???6/13/1912 
Uff, Otto???12/4/1940 
Ugarte, Francisco F???4/6/1983 
Uherm, Margareth???12/18/1913 
Uhl, Carl A???12/30/1893 
Uhl, Carolina???1/5/1891 
Uhl, Carolina???4/19/1891 
Uhl, George Jos???3/29/1951 
Uhler, Flora???2/21/186482 years
Uhler, Gustave???2/4/1896 
Uhlich, Elizabeth???2/2/190380 years
Uhlmann Louis???5/6/197181 years
Uhlmann, Albert D???4/24/1894 
Uhlmann, B.E.???5/7/1900 
Uhlmann, Berbetta???2/24/1928 
Uhlmann, Cornelius???8/6/1896 
Uhlmann, Frances???3/30/197874 years
Uhlmann, Michael???5/22/1945 
Uhlmann, Michael Peter???2/17/196977 years
Uhlrich, Frank???5/19/1907 
Uhlrich, William???3/17/1921 
Uhren, Anna M???1/1/191692 years
Uhrig, Adam J???8/31/189672 years
Uhrig, Helena???11/8/190371 years
Uhrmann, Lucas???8/25/1892 
Ulanda, Matae???11/19/198388 years
Ulber, John???3/30/191271 years
Ulber, Louise???11/26/191476 years
Ulberich, Aug F???5/19/1924 
Ulberich, Frank???1/2/1889 
Ulbrich, August F???12/25/1879 
Ulbrich, Barb???5/7/18916 years
Ulbrich, Barbra???2/9/189221 years
Ulbrich, Barbra???3/29/188945 years
Ulbrich, Bennie F???3/26/1908 
Ulbrich, Boniface???8/2/1919 
Ulbrich, Cath???6/1/189152 years
Ulbrich, Catherine???9/12/1936 
Ulbrich, Dorethea???10/19/1870 
Ulbrich, Ed???2/10/18865 years
Ulbrich, Elizabeth???6/4/190331 years
Ulbrich, Frank???4/28/190827 years
Ulbrich, Frank Jos???3/5/187136 years
Ulbrich, Franz???12/25/187938 years
Ulbrich, John W???6/3/190814 years
Ulbrich, John W???6/3/1910 
Ulbrich, Joseph???6/2/189629 years
Ulbrich, Katherina???9/7/190761 years
Ulbrich, Lepold???2/15/1892 
Ulbrich, Maria???8/24/189446 years
Ulbrich, Marie???11/25/1930 
Ulbrich, Theresa???5/30/1878 
Ulewike, Rosemary???10/31/1917 
Ullmann, Frank???12/17/190674 years
Ullmeyer, Frank H???7/25/1912 
Ullmeyer, Stephan???11/21/1914 
Ulman, Beatrice???6/18/1914 
Ulmer, Agatha???2/4/1930 
Ulmer, John???2/19/190565 years
Ulmer, Marg???6/8/1901 
Ulrich, August???1/8/188366 years
Ulrich, Baby???2/3/1898 
Ulrich, Carolina???3/16/1905 
Ulrich, Catharina???6/1/189152 years
Ulrich, Elizabeth???6/27/1907 
Ulrich, Gertrude???5/26/1902 
Ulrich, Henry???7/29/1897 
Ulrich, Margaret???4/16/190355 years
Ulrich, Mary???6/13/191434 years
Ulrich, Maximillian???11/15/1901 
Ulsamer, Barbra???3/20/190477 years
Ulsamer, Gustav M???3/17/1898 
Ulsamer, John V???3/6/1897 
Ulsamer, Maria???12/21/1897 
Ulsamer, Valentine???1/9/190979 years
Ulsamer, Valentine???4/18/189941 years
Ulsmen, Andrew???9/28/1903 
Umbach, Anna M???2/14/188738 years
Umbach, Anna Maria???1/13/190278 years
Umbach, Charlotte???4/22/188912 years
Umbach, Frank???10/20/1915 
Umbach, Hannah???3/6/1957 
Umbach, Henrietta???12/15/1939 
Umbach, John P???3/14/191554 years
Umbach, Jospeh???5/16/186850 years
Umbach, Maria???4/7/187723 years
Umbach, Maria???8/26/189240 years
Umbach, Martin???5/11/1886 years
Umbach, Martin???7/15/1924 
Umbach, William???7/14/1939 
Umbright, Bernard J???3/24/1949 
Umbright, Ida S???6/28/196779 years
Umenhofer, Mel???12/4/1985 
Unbrick, Elizabeth???8/27/1911 
Undi, Johanna???2/5/1899 
Unger, George???1/27/1908 
Unger, Herman???11/22/180846 years
Unger, Herman???5/4/1913 
Unger, John???8/26/1911 
Unger, M. Crecentia???6/30/187753 years
Unger, Marie???11/13/1948 
Unhock, Felitas???1/29/1899 
Unhock, John???12/171949 
Unhock, Mary E???8/2/1935 
Unhof, Magnus???6/17/1890 
Unsen, Theresia???2/3/1898 
Unsin, John???6/17/1892 
Unterberger, Aloysius???9/16/191762 years
Untereiner, Crescentia???11/9/190876 years
Unterfenger, Frederick???1/20/1932 
Unterfenger, Andreas???4/18/189674 years
Unterfenger, Carl Sabin???6/26/197074 years
Unterfenger, Charles???2/7/1961 
Unterfenger, Daniel???4/25/1960 
Unterfenger, Edward???6/24/196839 years
Unterfenger, Elis???2/16/189970 years
Unterfenger, Elizabeth???2/10/1931 
Unterfenger, Francis M???1/6/197686 years
Unterfenger, Fred???2/13/190515 years
Unterfenger, Fred???6/3/1929 
Unterfenger, Germaine???8/14/197364 years
Unterfenger, Louis???5/2/1923 
Unterlander, Barbra???2/6/1962 
Unterlander, George???12/25/1976 
Unterlander, Rose???2/25/1987 
Untermayer, Herta???3/7/1986 
Untermayer, Julius???12/19/1983 
Untreiner, Willaim???9/21/188464 years
Unverzagt, Fred William???8/22/1899 
Unzueta, Boy???9/5/1983 
Upton, Delia???12/17/196776 years
Upton, Robert J???12/4/1961 
Uraba, Mathilda???10/7/1908 
Uraney, Violet???9/16/1917 
Urbain, Anna???1/11/1941 
Urbain, Genevieve???8/19/197980 years
Urbain, Joseph J???1/23/197275 years
Urbain, Julius???10/24/1944 
Urbain, Louis M.???11/6/1945 
Urbain, Mary???3/18/1939 
Urban, Anna???12/27/190074 years
Urban, Anna???12/9/191531 years
Urban, Anna???8/2/1896 
Urban, Anna???9/1/1949 
Urban, Antonia???10/8/1935 
Urban, Baby???6/14/1896 
Urban, Barbara???1/14/187942 years
Urban, Caspar???1/9/188660 years
Urban, Clarelaine???5/25/1952 
Urban, Eliz???2/11/188913 years
Urban, Elizabeth???6/11/190468 years
Urban, Francesca???6/16/188357 years
Urban, Francis E???12/4/197770 years
Urban, Frank???2/2/18882 months
Urban, Frank???2/8/189029 years
Urban, Frank???9/10/18955 years
Urban, Frank???9/2/190857 years
Urban, Frank???9/20/1897 
Urban, Gertrude???9/18/1981 
Urban, Ignatz???11/22/190587 years
Urban, John???12/2/190782 years
Urban, Joseph F???6/26/1951 
Urban, Josephine???4/19/187721 years
Urban, Josephine???7/20/191385 years
Urban, Leslie???3/22/1911 
Urban, Loretta Ann???7/29/1900 
Urban, Maria???12/11/187654 years
Urban, Mary???10/30/190370 years
Urban, Michael???7/8/188760 years
Urban, Paul???5/16/190945 years
Urban, William X???6/10/1952 
Urbana, Wenzel???4/19/1910 
Urbanc, Maria???10/4/1910burial card 1
Urbanc, Maria???10/4/1910burial card 2, duplicate
Urbaniak, Bernadette???5/4/1931 
Urbanic, Jamie???1/25/1911 
Urbank, Martha???5/30/1943 
Urbanno, John???5/26/1928 
Urbanus, Anna???11/1/1906 
Urbanus, Anna Maria???12/8/187024 years
Urbanus, Cath???4/3/190168 years
Urbanus, Catharine???8/23/1892 
Urbanus, Eleanor M.???12/5/1921 
Urbanus, Frances???4/9/1927 
Urbanus, Geo???12/13/1928 
Urbanus, George???4/24/1917 
Urbanus, George???5/30/18686 years
Urbanus, Heinrick???1/1/188426 years
Urbanus, Leo???10/27/190527 years
Urbanus, Magd???4/5/188950 years
Urbanus, Margaret M.???11/19/1909 
Urbanus, Marianna S.???12/24/1934 
Urbanus, Marie T.???1/1/1944 
Urbanus, Mary???9/23/1906 
Urbanus, Math H???4/16/1894 
Urbanus, Mathias???3/20/189372 years
Urbanus, Mathias S.???11/8/1929 
Urbanus, Nicolaus???7/4/188162 years
Urbanus, Robert E???1/4/1985 
Urbanus, Susanna???12/1/1941 
Urbanus, Victor J???11/6/1925 
Urbin, Anna Maria???2/14/1880 
Urbin, Baby???10/31/1901 
Urbin, Catherine???1/16/1948 
Urbin, Charles Joseph???12/31/191075 years
Urbin, Jacob H.???7/5/1922 
Urbin, Mary E???7/19/190972 years
Ure, Anton???12/14/1918 
Urechia, Peter???3/16/1912 
Uren, Jacob???2/14/1891 
Urick, Theresia???5/8/191471 years
Urman, Edward A.???3/15/1937 
Urman, Elizabeth???4/22/197476 years
Urman, Frank Jr???12/24/196868 years
Urman, Frank X Sr.???11/30/196993 years
Urman, Joseph???11/20/1920 
Urman, Mary Anna???12/27/1959 
Urschaler, Cora???5/31/1892 
Urscheler, Joseph???11/26/1894 
Urscheler, Josephine???7/4/1892 
Urso, Elsie???2/18/1912 
Uruba, Rudolph???12/19/1906 
Urvari, Frank???2/15/1903 
Urwanger, Agnes???1/24/1936 
Urwanger, Agnes???11/27/1964 
Urwanger, Anna???4/29/189881 years
Urwanger, Bernard???12/6/18886 years
Urwanger, Catherine???8/8/197680 years
Urwanger, Christopher???2/9/189137 years
Urwanger, Conrad???9/20/196780 years
Urwanger, Helen???2/1/197085 years
Urwanger, John???1/23/1959 
Urwanger, John???7/29/1947 
Urwanger, Mich???2/15/190139 years
Urwanger, Michael???8/28/187166 years
Urwanger, Sophie???1/22/1884 
Urwanger, Sophie???12/3/190142 years
Usbersox, Joseph Gottleb???8/13/190965 years
Uselding, Agnes???12/27/1958 
Uselding, Anna???1/8/1896 
Uselding, Anna???3/28/1926 
Uselding, Anna???8/7/190546 years
Uselding, Catherina???1/29/186533 years
Uselding, Elizabeth???2/16/1953 
Uselding, George???3/8/1892 
Uselding, George???6/7/1985 
Uselding, Henry???5/20/1912 
Uselding, John???1/20/1893 
Uselding, John???8/25/188821 years
Uselding, John???1/30/189370 years
Uselding, Maria???6/5/188866 years
Uselding, Mary K.???12/6/1951 
Uselding, Nicholas J.???2/6/1948 
Uselding, Peter???11/6/189882 years
Uselding, Veronica???8/23/1930 
Usled, Raymond???9/2/1903 
Uthoff, May???11/21/1912 
Uttenreitter, Maria Cath???1/30/1898 
Utternveiler, Marie K???5/14/1925 
Utternveiler, Rich???5/17/1924 
Utters, Baby???10/22/1918 
Utters, Barbara???12/6/1933 
Utters, Gertrude???9/4/1922 
Utters, Jacob???9/30/1905 
Utters, Jacob B.???2/10/1934 
Utters, John???9/7/1964 
Utters, John P.???12/6/191470 years
Utters, Peter???6/17/1921 
Utters, Robert???5/22/1947 
Utters, Stella???11/19/196953 years
Uttich, August L.???12/7/1930 
Uttich, Rosa???12/28/1943 
Utz, Clara G???8/23/1947 
Utz, Joseph???2/14/1942 
Utz, Judith???11/17/1946 
Uvary, George???9/1/1907 
Vacher, Charlotte???4/6/19136 years
Vadboucker, Arthur???12/12/1900 
Vade, Alice M???5/7/190850 years
Vaeremberg, Omer Van???7/25/1909 
Vaesen, Jos???4/6/1927 
Vaghan, Blanche Marie???2/2/1962 
Vaida, Rudolph???11/24/1906 
Valbarth, Edmond???3/20/1910 
Valcke, George???4/16/1956 
Valcke, Henry???4/14/190463 years
Valcke, Margaret???12/27/1919 
Valcke, William???4/3/1955 
Valcq, Joseph???7/25/1975 
Valdenz, Francisca???4/11/1910 
Valdez, Claudia???5/11/1932 
Valdivia, Theresa M.???8/19/1956 
Valenti, Baby???8/20/1892 
Valenti, Joseph???12/15/1958 
Valentic, Thomas???2/23/1984 
Valentin, Eusebio???3/25/197578 years
Valentin, John???5/19/1903 
Valentin, Magdalena???10/19/1905 
Valentin, Paulina???2/13/1897 
Valentin, Robert???5/28/1974 
Valentine, Caroline???2/14/197486 years
Valentine, Emily???6/9/191223 years
Valentine, Frank???8/15/191647 years
Valentine, Franz???6/17/1910 
Valentine, Fred???1/10/1963 
Valentine, George???12/28/1943 
Valentine, Lawrence???10/29/1911 
Valentine, Maroline Ann???2/9/197960 years
Valentine, Peter???11/17/1895 
Valentine, Rose Marie???11/4/191823 years
Valera, Ana Ciastina???6/8/197015 years
Valera, Demetrio B.???6/7/197767 years
Valger, Nicholas???3/20/1909 
Valido, Ale Jandrina???5/28/198069 years
Valk, Baby???12/29/1898 
Valk, Baby???4/14/1898 
Valk, Barb???1/10/1897 
Valk, John???11/20/1926 
Valk, Margaretha???2/1/191258 years
Valk, Susanna???11/24/1910 
Valle, Amando???11/29/1982 
Vallean, Louise???5/4/1938 
Vallender, Frank???10/12/1894 
Vallweiss, John???5/24/190571 years
Van Acker, Cyriel???3/24/196960 years
Van Acker, Henriette C.???11/21/1968 
Van Acker, Jennie Cath???2/15/188269 years
Van Acker, Joseph???5/18/190473 years
Van Acker, Sarfner???7/17/190269 years
Van Alken, Loouis A.???4/8/1890 
Van Bedden, Cath???4/1/188558 years
Van Bedden, Cora???3/4/1891 
Van Bedden, John W???6/15/189035 years
Van Belleghan, Maria???3/14/1909 
Van Bladel, Edward .S???6/28/1963 
Van Bladel, Marie???2/7/1980 
Van Blair, Catherine???7/7/197770 years
Van Blair, Edgar???8/26/197470 years
Van Blocker, John???2/24/1909 
Van Blocker, Katie???1/17/1909 
Van Bogaert, Louise???1/16/1918 
Van Boggat (No first Name)???4/20/1900 
Van Bogge, tJoseph???5/25/1947 
Van Bogget, Catherine???6/12/1903 
Van Bogget, Henry???4/20/190046 years
Van Bogget,Anna???12/14/196781 years
Van Boggett, Isabel???6/30/1950 
Van Bree, Emil???10/13/1959 
Van Broeck, Emil???7/31/1955 
Van Broeck, Mary???10/13/1883 
Van Burkom, Violet???6/24/197862 years
Van Burkom, Willard???2/21/197235 years
Van De Bowsche, Rosalie???2/22/1907 
Van Degen, May???8/6/1902 
Van Deinse, William A.???1/11/1925 
Van Derah, Cath???6/10/1906 
Van Dewyer, Edward???8/31/1896 
Van Duren, Johanna???4/26/1892 
Van Duzen, Dina???3/27/1900 
Van Dyke, Margaret???8/8/197888 years
Van Einaeme, Peter???7/22/1925 
Van Emelen, Joseph???10/28/1908 
Van Eyck, Leo???1/14/191144 years
Van Goodsmover, Frank???11/20/1924 
Van Goodsnover, Theresia???1/12/1924 
Van Green, Alfons???9/1/1905 
Van Haeke, Theodore???8/23/1905 
Van Hesse, Mary???5/17/1933 
Van Horn, Elisabeth???4/23/1910 
Van Hovens, John Franz???11/2/187019 years
Van Krieger, Frank???2/20/1896 
Van Kruger, Marie E.???11/11/190686 years
Van Laken, Arthur???9/16/1906 
Van Laute, Helena???6/4/1890 
Van Lock, Lambert???3/2/1891 
Van Lockensen, Bertha???4/3/1911 
Van Lokeren, Carmell???1910 
Van Meenen, Gilbert A.???5/10/1984 
Van Meenen, Steven L.???2/3/1956 
Van Meverden, Catherine???11/23/1920 
Van Meverden, Helena???8/6/18725 years
Van Mevereden, John M???8/3/1933 
Van Muhgen, Marg???9/11/1900 
Van Nevel, Maria???7/29/1910 
Van Oeyen, Anna???8/8/190255 years
Van Oppens, Joseph???10/10/1944 
Van Oppens, Margaret???10/10/1983 
Van Owski, Frank???4/5/1894 
Van Sach, Michael???8/20/197323 years
Van Sack, Myra???11/12/19043 years
Van Scheven, Catherine???11/25/191971 years
Van Sluyters, Theresia???3/9/1932 
Van Staveren, Lambertius F.???9/13/1899 
Van Staverin, Antonius???6/13/1896 
Van Stavern, Anthony???5/8/1911 
Van Stavern, Arnold???4/27/191372 years
Van Stavern, Arnold P.???3/15/1906 
Van Stavern, John???8/28/1933 
Van Stavern, Lambertus???9/13/189932 years
Van Stavern, Theodore???1/13/1922 
Van Uffland, Madeline???12/29/1924 
Van Urthoven, Martin???9/16/1960 
Van Vaerenberg, Prudent???3/22/1909 
Van Vlierberghe, Roger J.???11/12/197954 years
Van Voeren, Gilbert J.???4/1/1904 
Van Wager, Agnes C.???2/12/191363 years
Van Wallighem, No first name???5/19/1898 
Van Wazer, Anna Marie???1/6/189689 years
Van Wazer, Florence???11/10/1932 
Van Wazer, Frank???11/14/190966 years
Van Wazer, Henry???12/15/191042 years
Van Wazer, Mary A.???9/23/191230 years
Van Weser, Felix???8/17/187121 years
Vanaacken, Richard???10/13/197427 years
Vance, Florence???7/24/1964 
Vand Drische, Margaretha???7/22/1903 
Vand Mairen, Rosina E.???9/6/1911 
Vandaele, Henry???11/28/1890 
Vande Putte, Alphonse???3/2/191043 years
Vande Sompel, Baby???4/13/1908 
Vande Walle, Bertrand???3/8/1896 
Vandeale, Walter???12/14/1891 
Vandebool, Elizabeth???1/17/1892 
Vanden Bosch, Johan???2/14/197470 years
Vanden Daele, Fred???5/23/1895 
Vanden Daele, Wilhelm???12/11/1895 
Vanden Plas, William???12/27/1893 
Vandenek, Anna Maria???11/24/1892 
Vandenples, June???11/21/1896 
Vander Briggen (no first Name)???7/12/1900 
Vander Bruggen, Rosa???8/24/1891 
Vander Busch, Clemens P.???7/28/18737 years
Vander Busch, Helena???11/23/1906 
Vander Elst, Julie???1/15/198080 years
Vander Feden, Baby???10/31/1929 
Vander Flute, Edward P.???11/15/1978 
Vander Haar, Barbra???11/15/1931 
Vander Haar, Henry???7/23/1931 
Vander Haar, Joseph???12/8/1956 
Vander Haar, Joseph???4/19/1921 
Vander Haar, Lucia???3/15/189962 years
Vander Haar, Nic???12/6/1927 
Vander Haar, Paul???4/13/1909 
Vander Hayden, Caralphina???1/12/1913 
Vander Hayden, Emil???2/1/1922 
Vander Hayden, Henry A.???7/2/1958 
Vander Hayden, Julius???10/27/190043 years
Vander Hayden, Maria L.???4/26/1894 
Vander Hayden, Mary???4/6/1929 
Vander Heiden, Eugenia???2/24/189970 years
Vander Heyden, Chas???2/15/191290 years
Vander Heyden, Emil A.???6/8/1952 
Vander Heyden, John???4/15/190723 years
Vander Heyden, Margaret M.???4/2/1944 
Vander Heyden, Rose???10/19/191833 years
Vander Hohr, Paulina???8/30/188729 years
Vander Klost, Helen Louise???1/30/1918 
Vander Klost, James???12/3/1916 
Vander Koi, Edward J.???9/14/1939 
Vander Kooi, Frederick???8/29/1922 
Vander Kooi, Katharine???2/17/1945 
Vander Korr, John Fr.???2/24/1894 
Vander Maehr, August???5/1/1899 
Vander Plas, William???10/14/1911 
Vander Rovi, Marie E. No dates listed 
Vander Slst, Jean B.???4/12/1960 
Vander Spank, Theodore???5/23/1946 
Vander Stock, Albert???12/12/1896 
Vander Vest, Arthur Carroll???8/30/1903 
Vander Vest, Charlotte???7/21/1891 
Vander Vest, Edward???11/7/1890 
Vander Werth, Baby???2/4/1944 
Vander West, W.J.???10/4/1897 
Vanderbergh, Frank???6/9/1909 
Vanderbloemen, Joseph???4/13/1920 
Vanderbosch, Edmund???5/27/19015 years
Vanderbosch, Edwin Clemens???2/24/1908 
Vanderbosch, John???9/19/189657 years
Vanderbosch, William A.???8/28/1891 
Vanderbusch, Hermann???5/3/187442 years
Vanderflute, Ruth???12/7/1983 
Vanderworth, Fred???1/7/1986 
Vaneck, Rosina???4/19/190277 years
Vanek, Thomas???3/18/191490 years
Vangier, Rose M.???4/7/1919 
Vangilder, Mina???12/9/188136 years
Vanita, Maria???10/3/1891 
Vanlant, Frank???1/22/1894 
Varela, Barbra???11/10/1986 
Varenbergh, Charles???9/23/1910 
Varfay, Elizabeth???5/25/1983 
Varga, Alexander???3/12/1931 
Varga, Barbara???7/6/1950 
Vargas, Jacinto???8/8/1997874 years
Vargas, Lorenzo2/18/19812/18/19810: still born
Vargas, Marcial J???9/17/1982 
Vargas, Maria C.???2/26/1986 
Vargas, Mary???10/1/198218 days
Vargas, Miguel???7/6/1983 
Vargas, Roberto???3/17/19793 hours
Varlie, Joseph J.???11/14/191648 years
Varney, George???9/19/1950 
Varnimont, Nicolaus???9/6/1899 
Varona, Estela???5/3/1983 
Vasold, Joseph???10/6/188658 years
Vasold,Maria???8/2/190667 years
Vasquez, Michele???2/13/19779 months
Vasquez, Theresa???12/14/197861 years
Vass, Carl Peter???12/22/1896 
Vass, Theodore???7/21/1896 
Vassar, Baby???9/25/1928 
Vasseur, Esperanza???10/30/197284 years
Vath, Alois???7/6/197884 years
Vath, Anthony J.???3/20/1951 
Vaughan, Frank???3/22/1948 
Vaylslecke, Henry???7/6/191674 years
Vaylstecke, Carolina???1/17/191366 years
Vazquez, Adreanna???11/16/197628 days
Vazquez, Bibine???2/13/1980 
Vazquez, Elizabeth???8/6/1982 
Vazquez, Frank???9/10/1977 
Vazquez, Rafael???1/23/198273 years
Vazzano, Anna???3/24/197373 years
Veble, Maria???3/4/1911 
Vedder, Jacob???8/8/18876 years
Vedder, Robert H.???4/11/1913 
Vega, Javier???6/24/19791 month
Vega, Liberato???12/13/197658 years
Vega, Rafael Jr.???4/22/19871 month
Veigel, John???8/27/1912 
Veigele, Joseph???5/22/191760 years
Veigl, Frank???7/30/1905 
Veigle, Mary???7/26/191253 years
Veil, Antonia???7/18/1898 
Veil, Ottie J.???6/10/191920 years
Velarde, Lucille???11/5/197555 years
Velarde, Valentin???6/19/197928 years
Velasquenz, Dolores Maria???2/14/197847 years
Velasquez, Doris???4/14/197750 years
Velaszquez, Brodie???7/22/19811 day
Veldenz, Elizabeth???1/9/1910 
Velec, Isreal???9/22/1987 
Velez, Eduardo???7/11/1986 
Velez, Jose???10/3/196954 years
Velez, Juan A.???8/10/198135 years
Velez, Juan L.???7/13/197758 years
Velez, Robert???12/15/197419 years
Velez, William???10/25/197924 years
Velez, Yamaira???12/9/1981 
Venderbrandt, Paulina???5/13/1894 
Vendl, Frank???2/1/1904 
Veneier, Maria???12/23/1902 
Veneta, Catharina???2/5/1903 
Venier, Henry???9/29/1903 
Venier, Zitto???11/14/1904 
Venn, Anna Laura???11/14/1961 
Venn, Anna Marie???7/12/1932 
Venn, August E.???1/7/1935 
Venn, Augustus F.???7/29/197373 years
Venn, Charles J.???9/24/1950 
Venn, Chas Dr.???7/22/1926 
Venn, Clarisse???11/14/197380 years
Venn, Clemen Rev.???11/13/191176 years
Venn, Clement???3/23/190840 years
Venn, Ferdinand???12/20/190232 years
Venn, Ferdinand???3/28/1896 
Venn, Franzisca???5/1/187975 years
Venn, Henry L???2/11/1960 
Venn, Mary???7/9/1927 
Venn, Mary Louise???9/10/1945 
Venn, Theodore???12/11/1946 
Venn, Theodore Rev.???8/21/190568 years
Venn, baby of (Anna & Augustus)???10/17/1910 
Vennekamp, John???4/20/189441 years
Vennekamp, Jos Fr.???7/22/1894 
Vennekamp, Mary???5/4/1947 
Vennekamp, Rose Clara???2/3/197791 years
Venns, Edward A.???10/15/1898 
Ventine, No first name???7/14/1891 
Ventura, Antoinette???2/27/1963 
Venzon, Frederico???4/10/1960 
Ver Futh, William???11/18/1902 
Ver Haag, Clara???12/12/190971 years
Ver Haag, Jacob???9/19/189672 years
Ver Haag, Michael???10/23/1933 
Ver Haelen, Baby???9/4/1896 
Ver Halen, Joseph H???1/25/191345 years
Ver Halen, Albert???11/5/1940 
Ver Halen, Baby???8/8/1904 
Ver Halen, Catherine???11/8/1930 
Ver Halen, Clarence???10/26/1958 
Ver Halen, Denise???5/9/196774 years
Ver Halen, George???6/16/1959 
Ver Halen, George H???1/9/1920 
Ver Halen, Grace???5/1/1951 
Ver Halen, Mary???10/14/1951 
Ver Halen, Mathew J???2/12/191330 years
Ver Halen, Oliver???12/4/196976 years
Ver Halen, William???10/7/1933 
Ver Halen, William???3/6/191271 years
Ver Halle, Chas Jos???8/28/1902 
Ver Heeck, Baby???4/25/1920 
Ver Heeck, Baby???8/1/1923 
Ver Heeck, Theresia M???8/1/1923 
Ver Helle, Alphonsus???8/6/1909 
Ver Helle, Charles G???9/3/1907 
Ver Helle, Emma???11/1/1908 
Ver Helli, Adolph C???10/13/1899 
Ver bella, Maria???9/1/1893 
Verbanck, Marie???3/1/1914 
Verbauer, Palmer???2/14/1914 
Verbes, Ottilia???12/14 1892 
Verbowsky, Ignatz???9/8/1927 
Verbowsky, Katherina???3/25/191047 years
Verboyd, Victor???2/18/188952 years
Verconter, Anna???1/4/191453 years
Verconter, Charles J???2/23/1931 
Verden, William L???10/12/191329 years
Verdickt, Christian???2/27/1905 
Verdong, Jacob???9/9/189530 years
Verdung, Frank???10/10/1933 
Verdung, Madeline???1/26/1920 
Verdung, Odelia???7/27/190264 years
Verest, Alice???9/18/1921 
Verest, Alphonsus E.???6/6/19096 months
Verest, John R.???3/29/1942 
Verest, Lena???6/18/1931 
Vergan, Charles W.???2/5/1966 
Vergan, Lucy???6/19/1949 
Verganwerk, Albert???7/26/1911 
Verhesen, Francisco???12/16/1903 
Verheyden, Mary Lil???5/10/1902 
Vering, Anna M???4/20/1897 
Vermeersch, Emil???9/29/1908 
Vermeersch, Emma???7/13/1891 
Vermersch, Frank???8/25/1892 
Vernett, Frannie J???7/21/1922 
Vernett, John???6/25/1925 
Vernich, Ann C???5/13/1884 
Vernich, John No dates listed 
Veroloesen, Louis???12/30/1901 
Verschoore, Amelia???8/25/1930 
Verschoore, Anthony J???12/26/1941 
Verschoore, Bertha???12/24/1957 
Verschoore, Chantil J???4/4/1929 
Verschoore, Earl???3/28/196787 years
Verschoore, John???4/23/1923 
Verschoore, Jos???4/6/190619 years
Verschoore, Jos R???3/1/1913 
Verschoore, Lucille G???10/2/1908 
Verschoore, Maria???7/15/1899 
Verschoore, Marion???7/27/1935 
Verschoore, Mathilda???4/2/1908 
Verschoore, Michaek???8/10/1944 
Verschove, Ruchus???4/23/1923 
Verseman, Carolina M???4/6/190627 years
Vertgewall, Bertha???9/22/1925 
Vertgewall, Cath???1/27/1925 
Vertgewall, Elizabeth???5/11/190318 years
Vertin, Katherine T???12/14/1956 
Vertung, Peter???8/16/186533 years
Ververs, Herman???2/15/189978 years
Ververs, Laura A???5/31/197682 years
Ververs, Leonard???8/3/191655 years
Ververs, Ottilia???10/24/1939 
Ververs, Ralph George???4/19/197167 years
Ververs, Theresia???9/11/1897 
Vervoet, Mathilda???12/4/189820 years
Veskanf, Antonia???10/22/1924 
Vesley, Ottillia???11/10/1920 
Vesselle, Elizabeth???4/11/1915 
Vetter, Elis???2/2/187327 years
Vetter, Elis M???8/27/186935 years
Viafar, Isidio B???7/15/1957 
Vickers, Beda???10/13/1910 
Vickers, Elias P???2/28/1942 
Vickers, Elizabeth???4/27/191890 years
Vickers, Emilie???11/4/190930 years
Vickers, R.P.???6/3/187458 years
Vickers, Winfred???3/15/1947 
Victor, Jacob???6/27/1896 
Victor, Joseph???5/16/1959 
Victor, Julia W???9/19/1952 
Victor, Pier???4/21/1891 
Victorin, Mary Ann???2/6/1980 
Victoris, Aug???8/21/1894 
Victoris, Cath???12/27/1925 
Victoris, Catharina???2/2/1892 
Victoris, Donald???7/11/1929 
Victoris, George???7/23/189910 years
Victoris, Peter???7/27/1896 
Victoris, Peter???8/2/1929 
Vicyotis, Anna M C???1/24/1890 
Videra, Victor???5/16/1965 
Vidor, Margaret E???2/23/1921 
Vidt, Nicolaus???5/7/191552 years
Viean, Ralph???2/13/1921 
Viegele, Jos???2/16/1928 
Viella, James Jr.???3/12/198140 years
Viemeister, Henry A???10/15/191528 years
Viemeister, Margaret???9/12/19166 years
Viera, Antonio???10/3/197263 years
Vieracker, Agnes???8/20/191576 years
Vieracker, Anna???4/14/186627 years
Vieracker, Anna T.???4/30/191044 years
Vieracker, Barb???9/2/1929 
Vieracker, Edward C???3/14/1949 
Vieracker, Elis???5/25/188518 years
Vieracker, Joseph???12/16/1946 
Vieracker, Joseph???4/18/191374 years
Vieracker, Mathias???4/16/1980 
Vieracker, margaret C???3/11/1943 
Viereck, Helena???1/1/1927 
Vierk, Catharina???9/1/1891 
Viersengel, Barbara???5/1/190773 years
Viert, Anna???12/3/1891 
Vieth, Louise???11/2/1920 
Vietoris, Barbara???6/22/1892 
Vietoris, Cath???5/26/1895 
Vietoris, Gertrude???7/26/190140 years
Vietoris, Henry???12/29/1896 
Vietoris, Henry J???3/29/1905 
Vietoris, John???3/28/1902 
Vietoris, John???6/20/1892 
Vietoris, John???7/18/1897 
Vietoris, John???9/8/1941 
Vietoris, John H???2/6/1899 
Vietoris, Peter???12/28/1938 
Vietoris, Sadie???2/27/1934 
Vietz, Fritz???12/13/1907 
View, Jospeh???5/26/1907 
Vignerot, Rene Louis???3/19/1903 
Vigueros, Julio Alexander???2/18/1987 
Vikara, James A???10/24/1986 
Vila, Maria???3/7/191426 years
Vila, William J???4/2/1910 
Vilanova, Maria???8/8/1894 
Vilaria, Angel C???10/22/197573 years
Vilas, Pilar???4/17/197375 years
Vilbrun, Jessica???1/3/19833 months
Vilella, Jaime???4/8/197860 years
Vilim, Mary M???10/23/1950 
Villa, Baby girl???1/1/19781 hour
Villa, Catherine???12/5/197167 years
Villa, Joseph???10/21/1978 
Villa, Modesto???11/3/197575 years
Villabol, Phillip Sgt.???7/6/197723 years
Villaconrta, Renee???12/9/1983 
Villalobos, Indira???3/7/1987 
Villanueva, Defrosa???9/9/1981 
Villanueva, Enrique???8/16/1982 
Villar, Sabino???1/8/1980 
Villarrlibia, Carmen???7/14/197444 years
Villinger, Sophia???12/15/1901 
Viloria, Susan???8/15/198779 years
Vincent, August???5/16/1894 
Vincent, Carl???1/27/1904 
Vincent, Carl???9/20/1899 
Vincent, Frank???11/18/1932 
Vincent, Helen M???6/19/1893 
Vincent, John???8/16/190648 years
Vincent, Mabel???5/28/1915 
Vincent, Roe W Commander???5/26/1944 
Vincent, Theodore???6/24/1873 
Vincent, Walter C???4/15/1894 
Vincent, William???6/15/189780 years
Vincent, William???8/14/191653 years
Vincentine, Sister Mary???7/31/1963 
Vinsko, Martin???1/24/1916 
Violet, Maynard???1/27/1976 
Violet, child of Bessie???3/10/1909 
Violett, James???3/12/1908 
Viraets, Louise???5/10/1917 
Virmisch, Mary???9/7/191033 years
Virnisch, Adam???3/20/191273 years
Viscour, Anna???6/16/1897 
Vitay, Josefa???11/22/1910 
Vitha Frank Joseph???6/11/1933 
Vitha, Cath???6/9/1925 
Vitha, Vernon???4/24/1906 
Vitlander, Elizabeth???9/4/1898 
Vitu, Catherine???10/24/1937 
Vitu, Constant J???1/6/1940 
Vitu, Constant J Jr???7/4/1892 
Vodecka, Anna???5/8/187757 years
Vodnik, Valentine???9/11/1916 
Voegeding, Fredericka W???8/3/1919 
Voegele, Eva???12/22/189760 years
Voegele, Sophia???2/8/1906 
Voegt, Fritz???6/5/190865 years
Voegth, Jos Frank???8/2/1890 
Voegtha, Ida???4/14/1894 
Voegtle, Alice???7/5/1938 
Voegtle, Anna???4/3/1896 
Voegtle, Anthony???7/16/19204 years
Voegtle, Bern???7/8/190016 years
Voegtle, Caroline W???1/29/1891 
Voegtle, Engelbert???9/17/1953 
Voegtle, Helen???5/7/1912 
Voegtle, Herman???3/7/1901 
Voegtle, John???8/4/1915 
Voegtle, Jos???9/26/1926 
Voegtle, Marie???5/14/1912 
Voegtle, Martha Rose???3/28/1898 
Voegtle, Mary S???6/25/1949 
Voegtle, Mathias???6/7/1891 
Voegtle, Max???2/25/190618 years
Voegtle, Max???3/12/189538 years
Voegtle, Rose???7/10/1915 
Voegtle, Susan???7/20/191151 years
Voegtle, Willaim A???6/9/1912 
Voegtle, William F???5/31/1892 
Voegtt, Henry???4/9/1902 
Voelke, John???2/20/1893 
Voelke, Thomas???5/21/1906 
Voelke, William???3/23/190137 years
Voelke,George???6/21/189928 years
Voelkl, Barbara???6/2/190068 years
Voelkl, Chesters P???2/1/1913 
Voelkl, Elisabeth???2/19/189862 years
Voelkl, Jacob???11/30/1899 
Voelkl, Joseph???4.23.189334 years
Voelkl, Joseph T???9/27/1947 
Voelkl, Thomas???2/25/189122 years
Vogel, Adolph???2/22/190762 years
Vogel, Andrew???2/11/1914 
Vogel, Anton???6/16/1907 
Vogel, Charles???11/22/1945 
Vogel, Elizabeth???3/15/1930 
Vogel, Elizabeth D.???3/7/1946 
Vogel, Helen???3/5/191333 years
Vogel, Ignatz???2/13/1903 
Vogel, Joseph???2/12/1936 
Vogel, Joseph???4/15/1912 
Vogel, Josephina???12/13/1898 
Vogel, Josephine???7/18/1895 
Vogel, Lorraine???1/23/1982 
Vogel, Maria???2/19/196975 years
Vogel, Martin???8/26/1900 
Vogel, Mary???9/18/197485 years
Vogeler, Herman???6/14/190069 years
Vogeler, Hermann J???10/29/190644 years
Vogeler, John???4/5/1916 
Vogeler, Jos A???9/27/191822 years
Vogelgesang, Adam???2/21/190459 years
Vogelgesang, Charles L???7/14/1911 
Vogelgesang, Edmund A???3/9/1946 
Vogelgesang, Frances E???10/23/191013 years
Vogelgesang, Frank???3/6/1924 
Vogelgesang, Helena???7/11/1897 
Vogelgesang, Maria???4/25/189756 years
Vogelgesang, Martina???4/25/189756 years
Vogelgesang, Math???1/3/189757 years
Vogelgesang, Oldo???1/20/189732 years
Vogelgesang, Rosalia???9/14/191141 years
Voges, Catharina Elis???10/27/1895 
Vogl, Antonia H???11/1/1948 
Vogl, Carl???2/5/1891 
Vogl, Dolores???7/12/197148 years
Vogl, Karl???1/22/197581 years
Vogler, Agnes B???7/3/1964 
Vogler, Albert J???6/22/191155 years
Vogler, Bernard R???11/16/1910 
Vogler, Christ???6/16/1899 
Vogler, Clara Margaret???11/8/1961 
Vogler, Ellen???11/23/1941 
Vogler, Frank A ???1/14/1950
Vogler, Mary L???7/4/1920 
Vogler, Ottilia???8/29/190348 years
Vogler, Regina???10/28/1941 
Vogler, Walter H.???2/6/1937 
Vogt, Alfred???10/6/1891 
Vogt, Anna???1/29/196776 years
Vogt, Baby???4/6/1905 
Vogt, Bertha???11/6/1959 
Vogt, Carl???1/4/1901 
Vogt, Carl???7/16/1891 
Vogt, Catherina???8/111/1908 
Vogt, Charles R???5/26/197990 years
Vogt, Edward???11/2/1905 
Vogt, Elizabeth???1/30/1914 
Vogt, Evelyn F???3/6/1914 
Vogt, Frank Sr???9/26/1938 
Vogt, Franziska???3/15/1901 
Vogt, Fredericka???11/25/1945 
Vogt, Fritz???6/5/1908 
Vogt, Geroge???6/25/1915 
Vogt, Gertrude???10/11/1940 
Vogt, Grace???4/25/1946 
Vogt, John???5/12/190262 years
Vogt, John???6/25/1901 
Vogt, John???9/11/189560 years
Vogt, John???9/12/1906 
Vogt, John P.???10/16/1893 
Vogt, John S.???9/11/186963 years
Vogt, Joseph???4/16/1921 
Vogt, Joseph A???3/26/197893 years
Vogt, Magdalena???3/14/191853 years
Vogt, Margareth???2/4/1908 
Vogt, Maria???10/7/190373 years
Vogt, Mary???5/26/191670 years
Vogt, Mary Anna???4/1/191768 years
Vogt, Mathilde???12/28/1976 
Vogt, Nicolaus???2/1/1915 
Vogt, Peter???8/22/1895 
Vogt, Richard???3/11/1899 
Vogt, Robert F???7/18/1915 
Vogt, Seb???4/29/188866 years
Vogt, Stanley???1/14/1916 
Vogt, Theresia???12/13/1907 
Vogt, Theresia???5/21/189417 years
Vogt, William???7/3/1984 
Vohl, Nicolaus???6/19/194748 years
Vohla, Carl???11/6/1893 
Voight, AnthonyF???8/3/1906
Voight, Edward F???11/23/1956 
Voight, Louise???6/4/1919 
Voight, Mary C???11/16/1942 
Voight, Sarah???7/16/1926 
Voigt, Anna D???3/21/1906 
Voiss, Carolina???7/18/190529 years
Vokac, Catherine???4/28/1908 
Vokac, Vincent???3/15/1931 
Volk, Cath???9/6/1929 
Volk, Elis???6/25/1895 
Volk, Elizabeth???7/3/1915 
Volk, Magdalena???1/14/1914 
Volkamnn, Margaret???12/9/1958 
Volke, Thomas???5/21/190675 years
Volkl, Angela???4/16/1928 
Volkl, Joseph T???9/27/1947 
Volkman, Robert D.???7/28/1957 
Volkmann, Paul???3/5/1919 
Volknmer, Amalia???4/6/190635 years
Volkweis, Elizabeth???8/18/1923 
Volkweiss, John???5/24/1905 
Vollbarth, Marie???3/6/195092 years
Vollbrath, Alice M.???6/6/194754 years
Vollbrath, Edmund???3/20/191056 years
Vollbrath, Edmund A.???2/7/191024 years
Vollkommen, Frank???1/22/1904 
Vollman, Bernard Andrew???12/14/1958 
Vollmann, Albert???8/25/191213 years
Vollmann, Bern???4/9/188539 years
Vollmann, Christiana???3/17/1909 
Vollmann, Con???2/28/1908 
Vollmann, Joseph???10/4/1918 
Vollmann, Louise R???8/21/196882 years
Vollmann, Madgeline  No dates listed
Vollmann, Mary Schnieder???1/13/1941 
Vollmann, Mathias???2/21/1934 
Vollmann, Peter???7/12/189520 years
Vollmar, Adolph???5/29/1908 
Vollmar, William???11/24/1908 
Vollmer, Carolina???9/15/1895 
Vollmer, Chas???9/25/1888 
Vollmer, Eliz???12/18/1928 
Vollmer, Henry???4/17/1901 
Vollmer, Henry J???3/21/1941 
Vollmer, Joseph Larez???9/6/1878 
Vollmer, Maria???1/27/19017 years
Vollmer, Stella???2/26/1941 
Volltraner, Elizabeth???2/4/1915 
Von Bachelle Louisa???4/21/1899 
Von Bebber, Henry???10/1/188773 years
Von Billinger, Edward???10/5/190628 years
Von Bogget, Catharina???6/12/1903 
Von Borgen, Barb???3/19/1902 
Von Butte, Emil???3/19/1911 
Von Cleave, John H???1/21/1908 
Von Der Haar, Anton???11/24/1903 
Von Freiberg, Joseph???4/6/197265 years
Von Guddem, Mary E???7/22/1899 
Von Gutmann, Mary???8/21/1903 
Von Hermann, Euguene???3/14/1939 
Von Hermann, Fred???8/10/1926 
Von Hermann, Fred William???1/14/190118 years
Von Hermann, Frieda?????? 
Von Hermann, Hugo???8/28/1907 
Von Hermann, Mary???12/30/1927 
Von Hertzberg, Max George???4/29/1915 
Von Holdt, Ann T.???2//21/1987 
Von Hollen???5/27/189626 years
Von Hollen, Henry???5/1/191235 years
Von Hollen, Mary F.???10/1/1921 
Von Jackush, Thomas???1/21/1932 
Von Leirberge, Florence???8/31/1906 
Von Likefeld, Kort???5/4/1895 
Von Mouse, Jos Ludwig???10/19/1902 
Von Oepen, Frank???12/8/190274 years
Von Oepen, Frank???8/27/1912 
Von Oeyen, Anna???8/8/1902 
Von Pinnnon, Marg Jos???10/13/189449 years
Von Pinnon, Philip J???12/15/191537 years
Von Pinnon, Philip V???6/19/188954 years
Von Rath, Anna M???5/30/191379 years
Von Rath, Frederick???4/15/190985 years
Von Rodowitz, Paul???3/24/191377 years
Von Scheven, Josephine???2/13/1941 
Von Schiller, Christian???2/18/1900 
Von Tesmar???1/18/191757 years
Von Tesmar, Bernard???10/25/190214 years
Von Tesmar, Emil???12/5/1946 
Von Tesmar, Gerald???7/1/1964 
Von Tesmar, Hilliard???5/20/1981(Larry)
Von Tesmar, Mary???9/10/191253 years
Von Tesmer, Emil???12/5/1946 
Von Tessmar, Theresia???11/25/1901 
Von Uhren???12/1/1907 
Von Virren, Bernard???3/25/187226 years
Von Wagner, Agnes C???2/12/1913 
Von Wagner, Child???9/23/1912(Mary & Peter)
Von Wagner, Frances???11/27/1923 
Von Wagner, Mary A???9/23/1912 
Von Wyson, Baby???5/24/1923 
Von Zelewski, Anton???4/11/1909 
Von Zelewski, Eugenia M???6/5/1959 
Von Zelewski, Frank???4/22/1949 
Voncke, Elodie???12/27/1946 
Voncke, Victor???11/11/1935 
Vonder Bruggen, Andreas???10/31/1897 
Vonder Heide, Joseph H.???7/23/1942 
Vonder Heide, Mary???2/21/1939 
Vonderhaar, Anton???2/13/187450 years
Vondracek, Fred???8/28/1904 
Vondrasek, George???4/25/1903 
Vonesh, Mary G???12/18/190745 years
Voorhees, Rose???12/19/1940 
Vormann, Hesel???8/28/1896 
Vormittag, John???6/19/1913 
Vorwald, Mary H???5/11/1898 
Vose, Anna???12/26/196995 years
Vose, Arthur J???10/24/1928 
Voss Baby???10/31/1919 
Voss, Anna M.???6/2/1962 
Voss, Anton???9/23/1895 
Voss, Baby???7/11/1927 
Voss, Bernard F???6/4/1894 
Voss, Bernedette???1/15/1928 
Voss, Bernetta???12/15/196670 years
Voss, Cath M???10/21/1926 
Voss, Catherine???4/19/189661 years
Voss, Child???1/3/1904(Theresa & Peter)
Voss, Earl???1/27/1917 
Voss, Elizabeth???3/6/1890 
Voss, Elizabeth K???12/30/1935 
Voss, Emma K???4/6/1951 
Voss, Florence???12/24/1928 
Voss, Frank???10/25/1910 
Voss, Frank???2/1/1920 
Voss, Frank???4/22/191728 years
Voss, Frank A???10/23/1915 
Voss, H. Anna???1/20/1904 
Voss, Henry???7/13/1893 
Voss, Henry J???8/3/1892 
Voss, Jacob???5/12/1951 
Voss, James Peter???8/15/1937 
Voss, Johanna???2/21/18857 years
Voss, John???2/26/1919 
Voss, Jos P???7/18/1894 
Voss, Joseph???7/28/1903 
Voss, Joseph E???4/26/191226 years
Voss, Joseph H Henry Sr.???1/9/1957 
Voss, Joseph Jr???2/4/1954 
Voss, Louis T???4/15/190468 years
Voss, Lucien L???5/22/1944 
Voss, Margaret???11/11/191446 years
Voss, Mary???2/20/18859 years
Voss, Mary???4/15/1934 
Voss, Mary Ann???11/4/1954 
Voss, Peter E.???4/6/1955 
Voss, Sophia???6/2/190352 years
Voss, Theresia???2/29/1892 
Voss, William???5/28/1899 
Voss, William J???10/14/1932 
Vossel, Bernard???4/15/1896 
Vossel, Cecilia???2/13/1929 
Vossel, Charles???12/30/1905 
Vossel, Charlotte???12/30/1905 
Vossel, Child???7/6/1900(Cath & William)
Vossel, Edward???7/10/1897 
Vossel, Gertrude???1/17/189987 years
Vossel, Helena???2/21/190133 years
Vossel, Joseph???10/22/188969 years
Vossel, Joseph???12/2/189142 years
Vossel, Michael J???9/18/1921 
Vosshuhler, Ida M???6/8/1930 
Vosskuhler, Brunhilda???2/28/1911 
Vosskuhler, John???12/18/1931 
Vosskuhler, Reinhold J???8/14/1962 
Voth, Henry???10/23/1892 
Voth, Henry???9/12/1892 
Voyacek, Anna???10/17/190819 years
Voyda, Mary???8/29/1951 
Voyer, Mabel???10/2/1965 
Voyer, Pierre E.???3/10/196890 years
Vrach, Annie???6/11/191024 years
Vuchovich, Annie???12/11/196858 years
Vugrencsics, Clara???7/17/190768 years (Vugrenzsizs)
Vwe Boomer, Henrietta???4/11/1892 
Vydra, Rosita???5/2/197966 years
Wassermann, Augusta4/12/18897/15/1890 
Wassermann, Elis8/26/19019/3/19018 days
Wassermann, Julia18938/10/1956 
Wassermann, Lorraine???8/27/1921 
Wassermann, Louis3/9/18566/22/190246 years
Wassermann, Louis???3/20/19193 years
Wassermann, Louis Jr.5/3/18865/6/1908 
Wassermann, Raymond???12/5/1922 
Wassermann, Rosa9/188312/16/18896 years
Wassermann, Rosalie11/29/18587/21/1925 
Wasta, Carl???11/16/189729 years
Wastl, Mary???8/2/1908 
Wastrich, Charles???12/30/1891 
Waszbinska, Helena???12/11/188113 years
Watava, Eward???4/16/1890 
Waterloo, Baby???3/15/1902 
Waterloo, Barb???10/18/190154 years
Waterloo, Charles D???1/31/1905 
Waterloo, Gene P???11/19/1966 
Waterloo, John L???3/24/190435 years
Waterloo, Jospeh???8/6/1906 
Waterloo, Lorraine W???1/7/1921 
Waterloo, Mary???6/29/1947 
Waterloo, Mary Barb???9/3/1910 
Waterloo, Neil J???2/21/1936 
Waterloo, Nicholas???1/26/1920 
Waterloo, Peter J???9/5/191141 years
Waterloo, child???4/10/1907(Amanda & Daley)

Contributed by Judy Retzer. “partial information on some of the alphabet and complete listing for letters U and V.

BRAND, Eva M.???Aug 07, 1895
HOPP, MarieDec 13, 1857Nov 16, 1935
HOPP, Marie COct 18, 1917Oct 19, 1969
HOPP, Minnie COct 28, 1896Aug 31, 1962
HOPP, Oscar RJun 08, 1895Jul 01, 1952
HOPP, WilburtOct 07, 1909Oct 08, 1909
HOPP, WilhelmAug 04, 1844Jul 07, 1895
MAY, AntonMay 02, 1833Jan 06, 1918
MAY, Magdalena1832Jun 23, 1891
MILLER, MatthewMar 01, 1887Mar 24, 1949
MILLER, TillieNov 02, 1893Feb 17, 1962
OTTO, CarrieFeb 22, 1862Apr 22, 1928
OTTO, FerdinandOct 18, 1859Oct 31, 1924

Contributed by Jeannette Hopp Harper

HUNTZIGER, Charles M.???Nov 04, 1939
HUNTZIGER, Marie (Masolowski)???Jan 05, 1936
MASOLOWSKI, David???Feb 02, 1918
MASOLOWSKI, Francisca???Feb 04, 1899
MASOLOWSKI, John B.???Mar 04, 1925
MASOLOWSKI, Joseph???Jul 15, 1998
MASOLOWSKI, Louise (Schownewald)???Dec 14, 1916
SIMMET, Frances???Nov 20, 1982
SIMMET, Joseph???Apr 12, 1961
STEHLE, LotharAug 11, 1869Dec 12, 1910
STEHLE, Ottilia1865Sep 26, 1943

Contributed by Marie F. Doty

Gottfried, Margaretha, born 10 Oct 1893, died 12 Oct 1893, 8m
Gottfried, Peter Jos., born 30 May 1899, died 31 May 1899, 7y
Gottfried, Peter, born 29 Jun 1912, died 2 Jul 1912, 53y

Contributed 17 Jul 1999 “I collected this data on my family from microfilm #1,509,305 “St. Boniface 1864-1987 Interment Records” at the Salt Lake City Family History Center.”

Frank P. Rostowski–Died 7/29/1944 Grandfather
Elizabeth Rostowski–Died 11/10/1944 Grandmother
Albertine Rostowski–Died 12/27/1915 Aunt
Theresa Rostowsky–Died 4/29/1955 Aunt
Joseph P. Rostowsky–Died 4/30/1978 Father
Anna M. Rostowsky (Wruck)–Died 2/11/1986 Aunt
Ida P. Rostowsky–Died 2/17/1986 Aunt
Paul Wruck
Anna M. Wruck (Rostowsky)–Died 2/11/1986
Frances Wruck

Contributed Sep 1999 by Paul R. Rostowsky

St. Adalbert Cemetery and Mausoleum

6800 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Niles, 60714


GAIDA, Andrew, died Jan 16, 1961
GAIDA, Angeline, died May 01, 1967
GAIDA, Catherine, died Mar 07, 1962
GAIDA, Dolores , died Mar 27, 1944
GAIDA, Frank, died Jul 21, 1964
GAIDA, James (Ignatz), died Dec 26, 1945
GAIDA, John, died Jan 06, 1964
GAIDA, Michael, died May 07, 1975
GAIDA, Paul, died Dec 21, 1923
GAIDA, Peter J., died Feb 23, 1939
GAIDA, Baby, died May 18, 1927

Contributed 1998 by Anne Taylor-Czaplewski

Lot #7, Block J, Section St.John, 16×16 sq ft, Special Income Care
Int# 5 L. Grabec, buried 1-27-1916
Int# 6 Zeman, buried 11-29-1917
Int# 7 Frank Zeman, 7y, buried 12-22-1920
Int# 8 John Zdenek, buried 10-22-1912
Int# 9 Jerry Drabek, 28y, buried 9-11-1921
Int# 10 Lillian Zdenek, 2d, buried 12-27-1922
Int# 11 Jos Mahr, 59y, buried 11-17-1924
Int# 12 Frank Zdenek, 46y, buried 6-4-1935
Int# 13 Frantiska Maurecek, 83y, buried 1-21-1941

Contributed Oct 2002


Wodarczyk, Andrew November 30, 1898 September 17, 1951
Wodarczyk, Stanislaw May 18, 1872 December 09, 1922
Wodarczyk, Mary/Marya February 14, 1874 October 28, 1918
Wodarczyk, Patricia Anne August 01, 1949 December 09, 1953

Contributed Jan 2004 by William Wodarczyk

langnerfrank Frank George Langner, born 04 Dec 1901 in Cicero, died 13 Jul 1947 in Chicago
 langnerjennieJennie Langner (nee Genevieve Olszewski), born 16 Nov 1902 in Chicago, died 11 Oct 1981 in Joliet, Will county, Illinois
 mlyniecjuliaJulia Mlyniec, died 06 Jan 1949

Salem Cemetery

Palatine Township, Cook County, Illinois
Intersection of Kirchoff and Euclid Roads. This cemetery is in an unusual place in the corner of a parking lot for a mall. It is very small and has only a few stones, which are listed below.

KORNATZ, Herman J. – Sept. 3, 1878 – Sept. 13, 1918
THIES, Henry 1865-1953 ossw
THIES, Mary -his wife- 1867 – 1916
THIES, ????
– cannot read this stone
– looks to be a family plot with a large stone and a small stone on each side
with Mutter and Vater carved on them.
THIES, Friederich – 1806 – looks like 1893
– stone is very worn and the inscription can’t be read.
THIES, Friederich – 11 Aug. 188(?) – 7 Aug. 1895
UNKNOWN last name, Martha 1818 – 19 Apr. looks like 1897
– tall oblisk-style stone with another name on the
other side – cannot read anything else on this stone – very worn.
WISEMAN, Henry – Co. C 19 IL. INF.
– military badge-shaped stone. There is a stone that says Mother next to it.
– there are no dates on this stone
– I think that the next listing could be the same person.
WHISEMANN(possible spelling), Heinrich – 24 Dec. 1842 – 11 Jan 1907
NORDMIER, has a small stone with VATER next to it
– cannot read anything on the stone as it is also too worn to read.
NORDMIER, cannot read first name – 1819 – 1901
NORDMIER, William 1854 – 1920 ossw
Sophia his wife 1861 – 1932
PAPAJESKI, cannot read first name – 25 Apr. 1839 – 13 Dec? 1914 (OR 1917)

Contributed by Cindy Johnson

Rosehill Cemetery

Lot No. 77 Section L, Owners: M. Hirsch & E.S. Salomon
Name Age (yr/mo/days) Died Int. No.
Salomon, Ernest 3/3/0 2/27/1868 3538
Kaufman, Moritz 33/./. 7/30/1868 3862
Adler, Joseph, I. 47/11/0 11/21/1890 26486
Salomon, Malwine 73/8/26 5/27/1896 42052
Salomon, Jacob 46/./. 2/11/1901 51549
Adler, Manuel 42/./. 4/14/1918 79319
Salomon, Martin 70/3/29 5/23/1923 88325
Schmidt, Zereni 67/6/24 3/22/1928 96301
Salomon, Bertha 80/./. 8/24/1937 111595
Adler, Emma 101/8/20 10/22/1946 125484
Adler, Felix 79/./. 3/25/1963 147700

Contributed Apr 2002 by Barbara Lacy

Name: MORRIS, Miller Millard
Born: May 2, 1877
Died: October 2, 1922
Age At Death: 45 years, 5 months, 1 day
Interment Number: 87128
Lot 3, Path E, Section O

Contributed May 2002 by Kelly Kahlau

Lot #38 Section 19, Owner: J.P. Curran (heirs of)
Plat Record No. 3281
Church, Raymond Allen – age: 1 yr, 7 mos. d. May 10, 1907 – Int. No. 61834
Church, J.P. Curran – age: 83 yrs. 1 mo. d. Jan. 23, 1917 – Int. No. 77316
Church, Gordon T. – age: 0 d. Mar. 5, 1923 – Int. No. 87859
Church, Elizabeth E. – age: 70 yrs., 11 mos. – d. Feb. 22, 1934 – Int. No.105748
Church, Marion Barker – age: 79 yrs. d. Feb. 18, 1955 – Int. No. 137081
Church, Raymond A. – age: 77 yrs. d. July 14, 1957 – Int. No. 140172
Church, Louise H., – age: 85 yrs. d. Jan. 9, 1960 – Int. No. 143419
Church, Adeline May (Best) – age: 68 yrs. d. Nov. 24, 1976 – Int. No. 162826

Contributed Oct 2002 by Ruth L. Speed

Rest Haven Cemetery

Located on O’Hare Airport property.
Founded 1840
Division St., Chicago

This cemetery is tucked away from the main road down a barren dirt road past a trailer and small parking lot for the sanitation trucks. A nice little cemetery that is very near the runway at O’Hare Airport.

MILLER, Thelma (daughter) 1913 – 1928
MILLER, Geneva (mother) 1887 – 1972
MILLER, Harry (father) 1887 – 1958
MILLER, Ivan J. (son) 1917 – (unfinished)
SAMPSON, Ruth 1922 – 1923
SAMPSON, Gerald 1914 – 1930
SAMPSON, Estella M. (mother) 1883 – 1931
SAMPSON, Kenneth R. 1921 – 1934
Unmarked Stone or worn
LUEHRING, Emma M. May 11 – 17, 1903
– short round stone – like a tree stump – about 8 inches tall.
Unreadable stone – looks like a book with inscriptions for 2 persons.
Unreadable stone – has a dove on the top and is rounded at the top.
Small shaped plot about the size of a child.
BIERMAN, Louis (father) 1854 – 1937
BIERMAN, Lizetta (his wife) 1856 – 1926
UNKNOWN last name, Wilhelmina 1845 – 1900
– last name starts with a Gurn—- or a Gimu—-
– cannot tell as the stone is very worn.
UNKNOWN, Ludwig (on the same as above) 1811 – 1865

COGSWELL, William F (father) 1815 – 1869
COGSWELL, Anna A (mother) 1826 – 1911
COGSWELL, Louis R. 1854 – 1878 (all the Cogswell and Williams names
WILLIAMS, Caroline C. 1849 – 1876 are on the same stone with smaller
WILLIAMS, Walter M. 1872 – 1875 stones as footmarkers.)
COGSWELL, William F. 1844 – 1864
COGSWELL, Ellen S. 1860 – 1868

KUHL, Elisabeth (nee SCHOPPEN) 15 Oct 1833 in Schale, Pruessen – 31 Juli 1914
KUHL, Gerard 19 Juli 1834 in Schale, Pruessen – 31 Sept. 1894 (on stone with Elisabeth)
ESCH, G. L. 2/14/1814 – 12/18/1894
UNKNOWN, Mary 1801 – 1879 – on same stone with ESCH.
– these two are hard to read
– a rubbing would bring the words to focus very easily.
TWACHTMAN, Fred 1858 – 1893
TWACHTMAN, Emma (his wife) 1859 – 1887
TWACHTMAN, Louise (his wife) 1860 – 1923
LANGE, Louis D. 12/2/1878 – 2/9/1967
LANGE, Edward 1864 – 1929
LANGE, Alvina 1867 – 1924
LANGE, Heinrich 16 Sept 1835 – 6 March 1912
GALLIN, Caroline Jeine born in Tonne, 14 Jan 1840 – 7 May 1883
RINDER, 1874 – 1883
– not sure if this is the last or first name
– there was nothing else on this stone to tell.
BRITTEN, (family plot as follows)
Emma April 3, 1867
Minnie 3/12/171 – 12/19/1944
William 11/16/1858 – 6/18/1940
mother – Anna 7/17/1826 – 2/13/1907
father – Micheal 7/31/1820 – 9/17/1883
PFLUGER – (family plot as follows)
Aug. John 3/20/1867 – 10/11/1868
Henry Aug. 7/15/1864 – 10/4/1865
Christian H. 3/19/1828 – 11/8/1909
Sophia 2/15/1841 – 7/10/1919
SCHUETTE – (family plot as follows)
Henry 1834 – 1921
Maria his wife 1836 – 1874
Emma his wife 1856 – 1879
Louis 1863 – 1865
Herman 1866 – 1876
Ella 1879 – 1879
UNKNOWN, Theresia 11/3/1873 – 11/6/1873
– not sure who she belongs to – closest to the HEINRICH graves.
HEINRICH, Anna (nee STUEVE) 11/1/1841 – 5/20/1874
HEINRICH, Maria (nee EGGESTEIN) 10/5/1850 – 11/20/1945
HEINRICH, Micheal 9/24/1832 – 2/10/1905
HEINRICH – LISTHARTKE, Alvina – 1888 – 1923
PFLUGER, Herman 1885 – 1969
BAKER, Carol 8/26/1935 – 8/30/1936 – small 10 x 15″ flat stone
GATHMAN, Wayne 1953
GATHMAN, Diane 1951
PFLUGER, Grace wife 1919 – 1938
PFLUGER, Catherine mother 1879 – 1962
PFLUGER, Edward A. father 1870 – 1949
HEINRICH, Frances J. 1900 – 1979
HEINRICH, William J. 1893 – 1957
HEINRICH, John W. husband and father 1923 – 1986
STUEVE, Walter 1895 – 1975
STUEVE, William 1874 – 1960
STUEVE, Fred 1888 – 1939
STUVE, Henry 1846 – 1922
STUVE, Sophie his wife 1851 – 1942
STUVE, Anna 1810 – 1895
STUVE, Lambert 1809 – 1888
STUVE, ‘children from Henry and Sophie’
– no indication to what their names were or how many children were buried there.
STUVE, Mary ‘Gest. 9 Aug. 1887 Alter 17 Yahre 7M. 11T.’
(do not know what this means entirely)
2 BROKEN STONES – no headstone left
OLLMANN, Caroline mother 1862 – 1933
OLLMANN, Albert father 1855 – 1917
OLLMANN, Arthur son 1886 – 1938
ERTLE, Ann Marie 29, Juli 1854 – 11 Mai 1913
FREY, Catherine 1853 – 1939
FREY, George 1856 – 1925
ROHLFING, Minnie 1865 – 1933
ROHLFING, Louisa 1 Apr 1842 – 8 Sept 1909
GATHMANN, Ida L. daughter 1881 – 1944
GATHMANN, Mathilda 1850 – 1936
GATHMANN, Henry C. 1845 – 1923
GATHMANN, Heinrich 1819 – 1891
UNKNOWN last name, Gust is the only thing readable on this stone due to it being very worn
BROKEN stone
UNKNOWN name – all that is readable on this stone is GRANDMOTHER
– NEXT to it is a stone that says MOTHER with the next name on this list
SPIEGLER, A M – the rest of the stone is unreadable
WILLIAMS, John 1867 – 1936
MOSS, Mary H 1902 – 1974
MOSS, Roy L. 1889 – 1943
STONE with no writing visible – all is worn off
GATHMANN, Louis G. 1856 – 1930
GATHMANN, Emma 1861 – 1953
BIESTERFELD, Herman 1869 – 1937
BIESTERFELD, Martha 1872 – 1967
BIESTERFELD, Martin 1904 – 1920
BIESTERFELD, Gottlieb father1837 – 1933
BIESTERFELD, Wilhelmina mother 1847 – 1926
BIESTERFELD, Lillie daughter 1884 – 1918
(also has a sep. stone next to this one for her reading “Lillie 1 mos. 48. V. 21”
(do not know what this means.)
HEINRICH, (family plot as follows)
Esther 1902 – 1903
John father 1863 – 1918
Helen mother 1869 – 1945
Alvin 1906 – 1930
Eileen ADAMS 1941 – 1941
HEINRICH, Elanore 1926 – unfinished
HEINRICH, Norman J. 1925 – 1990
ROHLFING, Elmer E. 1912 – 1926
ROHLFING, Ernest father 1871 – 1943
ROHLFING, Johanne mother 1869 – 1959
ENICHLMAIR, Frank (MAYER) Nov 5, 1897 – Oct. 5, 1989
ENICHLMAIR, Gertrude (KALIPPKE) Dec 17, 1900 – Jan 24, 1985
OLLMAN, Fred E. father 1893 – 1972
OLLMAN,Carrie L. mother 1898 – 1995
– below her name reads “Ollman Baby Boy Sep. 3, 1933”
FRANZEN, 1705 – 72 years old
ANDERSON, Louis 1859 – 1942
SCHMIDT, Hedwig 1869 – 1954
GRAUE, cannot read the first name 1/21/1822 – 3/4/1889
KLEINSCHMIDT, Henry L. Aug 2, 1837 – July 13, 1896
KLEINSCHMIDT, Kathrine Nov 25, 1843 – Nov 17, 1924
ELFRING, stone reads – ” Walter and Ludwig,
twin sons of William and Adelheid Elfring 1891 – 1891″
ELFRING, George uncle 1852 – 1932
ELFRING, Laura 18 Aug 1885 – 10 Apr 1898
– large statue of a little girl but she has been vandalized and decapitated.
– next to hers is a small stone with the name on it as follows:
ELFRING, Walter Mar 4, 1894 – Feb 14, 1900
ELFRING, Fred father 1858 – 1930
ELFRING, Mary mother 1861 – 1952
BIESTERFIELD, Amanda mother Apr 8, 1882 – July 1, 1934
WALL, Fred 1893 – 1910 – all by himself in one section of the cemetery – small flat stone.
SAUER, Alex L. 1892 – 1956
LUEHRING, Marie mother 1851 – 1904
SCHEINDL (??) or possibly SCHIUIDL, first name could be Wilfred
– not sure – dates are 15 Oct 1817 – 21 (???) 1891
– this stone was broken and lying on the ground.
– There was quite a bit of writing on this one, but it is too worn to read.

Contributed by Cindy Johnson

Oak Woods Cemetery

1035 East Sixty-Seventh Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

Cone, David, Grave K-1-96
Cone, Theresa, Grave K-1-96
Alexander, Lillie W., Grave K-1-96
Alexander, Alfred, Grave K-1-96
Boldenweck, Frederick, b. April 14, 1842, d. September 30, 1929, Grave K-1-96, husband of Salina Alexander Boldenweck
Boldenweck, Salina (nee Alexander), b. September 21, 1858, d. May 27, 1946,Grave K-1-96, wife of Frederick Boldenweck

Contributed by Christa L. Brown


McKinley, James d. 12-26-1893 lot # F-5-82 (husband of Sarah)
McKinley, Sarah d. 2-1-1897 lot #F-5-82 (wife of James above)
McKinley, Martha d. 1-4-1894 lot F-5-82 (daughter of Sarah & James)
McKinley, Mary E. d. 11-9-1875 lot F-5-82 (daughter of Sarah & James)
McKinley, Florence d. 3-14-1921 lot F-5-82 (daughter of Sarah & James)
McKinley, James D. d. 3-6-1926 lot F-5-82 (son of Sarah & James)
McKinley, John M. d. 6-18-1938 lot F-5-82 (son of Sarah & James – husband of Ida)

Contributed May 2001 by Patsy Cooley

Domagalski, Mary, born 08 Aug 1885, died 15 Sep 1935, 50y

Contributed Jan 2004 by William Wodarczyk