Chicago Neighborhoods

The City of Chicago original settlement is known as the Loop. Many neighborhoods were annexed in before 1889. In 1889 a part of the Town of Cicero, the Town of Jefferson, the Town of Lake, the City of Lake View, and the Village of Hyde Park were annexed by Chicago. Almost three dozen areas were added after 1889.
Albany ParkJefferson1889
Andersonville (Uptown)Lake View1889
Archer HeightsLake/Cicero1889
Argyle Park ( Uptown)Lake View1889
Armour SquarePart of Bridgeport and Douglas1863
Ashburn (changed from Clarksdale, 1893)Lake1889
AshlandPart of Near West Side1864
Avalon (Highland/Chatham)Hyde Park/Lake1889
Avalon Park (Burnside/Calumet Heights)Hyde Park1889
AvondalePart of City1863
Back of the YardsLake1889
Belmont Central (Jefferson Park)Jefferson1889
Belmont Cragin (Jefferson Park)Jefferson1889
Belmont GardensPart of City1863
Belmont HeightsJefferson1889
Belmont TerraceJefferson1889
Beverly 1890
Beverly View (Ashburn)Lake1889
Beverly WoodsMorgan Park1890-1891
Big OaksNorwood Park1890
Blue IslandBeverly1890
BowmanvilleLake View1889
BridgeportPart of City1863
Brighton ParkLake1889
Bryn Mawr (South Shore)Hyde Park1889
Buck Town (Lincoln Square)Lake View1889
Budlong Woods (Lincoln Square)Lake View1889
BurnsideHyde Park1889
Bush (South Chicago)Hyde Park1889
Cabrini-GreenNear North Side/Part of City1837
Calumet HeightsHyde Park1889
CanalportMcKinley Park/Part of the City1863
Canaryville (Fuller Park)Lake1889
Central Parkrenamed Garfield Park1869
ChathamHyde Park/Lake1889
Chicago Junction (Englewood)Lake1889
Chicago LawnLake1889
ChinatownArmour Square/Bridgeport and Douglas1863
Chrysler VillageLake1889
Clarkdale (see Ashburn)Lake1889
ColehourHyde Park1889
Cottage Grove Heights (Pullman)Hyde Park1889
CrawfordLawndale1869 Eastern 2/3
Crawford (Lawndale)last 1/31889
Crestline (Ashburn)Lake1889
CrossingWashington Heights/Dummy Junction1890-1891
Dauphin Park (Chatham)Hyde Park/Lake1889
Dearborn HomesDouglas1853 Part, part 1863
Death CornerNear North Side1837
Donegan Station (Englewood)Lake1889
Douglas 1853 Part, part 1863
Drexel Estate/Drexel Park (West Englewood)Lake1889
Dummy JunctionCrossing/Washington Heights1890-1891
Dutchman’s Point (Edison Park)Jefferson1889
East Garfield Park 1869
East SideHyde Park1889
Eden Green (Riverdale)Hyde Park1889
Edgebrook (Forest Glen)Jefferson1889
Edgewater (Edgewater Glen)Lake View1889
Edison Park (Dutchman’s Point)Jefferson1889
Electric Suburb (Edison Park)Jefferson1889
Elsdon (Gage Park)Lake1889
Englewood on the Hill (West Englewood)Lake1889
Epic (Edgewater)Lake View1889
FernwoodWashington Heights1890-1891
Fifth CityEast Garfield Park1869
FishtownNear North Side1837
Ford City Villiage (West Lawn)Lake1889
Forest GlenJefferson1889
ForestvilleHyde Park1889
Forrestville (Grand Boulevard)Hyde Park1889
Free District of Lake MichiganNear North Side1837
Fuller ParkLake1889
Gage Park (Elsdon)Lake1889
Gano (West Pullman)Hyde Park1889
Garfield Ridge (a small strip of it)Lake1889
Gladstone ParkJefferson1889
Gold CoastNear North Side1837
Golden GateHyde Park1889
Goose IslandPart of West Town1837
Grand BoulevardHyde Park1889
Greater Grand CrossingLake1889
GreektownNear West Side1837
Groveland ParkDouglas1853 Part, part 1863
Hamilton Park (Englewood)Lake1889
Heart of ChicagoLower West Side1837-1853
HegewischHyde Park1889
Hollywood ParkJefferson1889
Hope (Roseland)Lake/Hyde Park1889
Horse Thief HollowMorgan Park1890-1891
Humbolt ParkJefferson1889
Hyde ParkHyde Park1889
Irondale (South Deering)Hyde Park1889
Irving ParkJefferson1889
Irving Woods (Dunning)Jefferson1889
Irvington (Irving Park)Jefferson1889
Jefferson ParkJefferson1889
Junction Grove (Englewood)Lake1889
Kelvyn Grove (Hermosa)Jefferson1889
Kennedy ParkMorgan Park1890-1891
Kensington (Pullman)Hyde Park (and 1928)1889
KenwoodHyde Park1889
Kilbourn Park (Irving Park)Jefferson1889
LakeViewLake View1889
Lakewood-Balmoral (Edgewater)Lake View1889
Lawndale 1869 Eastern 2/3
1889 last 1/3
Lincoln ParkLake View1889
Lincoln SquareLake View1889
Lithuanian Plaza (Chicago Lawn)Lake1889
Little HellNear North Side1837
Little ItalyNear West Side1837
Little MeadowsDouglas1853 Part, part 1863
Little SicilyNear North Side1837
Logan Square 1869
Longwood (Beverly)Lake1889
Loop original settlement
Lower West Side 1848 Part, part 1853
MaplewoodLogan Square1869
Marquette ParkLake1889
MarynookHyde Park/Lake1889
Mayfair (Irving Park)Jefferson1889
McKinley Park 1863
Midway Airport 1915, 1921
MillgateHyde Park1889
Morgan Park 1890-1891
Mount Greenwood 1927
Near North Side 1837
Near South Side 1836
Near West Side 1837
New CityLake1889
Noble Square 1837 Part, part 1851, part 1869
North CenterLake View/Jefferson1889
North Park (North Mayfair)Jefferson1889
North TownWest Ridge1893
Norwood Park 1893,1924
Oakland (Cleaverville)Hyde Park1889
Oakwood Hall (Oakland)Hyde Park1889
O’HareOrchard Place/Chicago Orchard Airport (ORD))1958
Old Town TriangleLake View1889
Old Wicker ParkJefferson1889
Oriole ParkNorwood1893
Pacific JunctionJefferson1889
Park WestLake View1889
Parkside (South Shore)Hyde Park1889
Parkview (Ashburn)Lake1889
PatchNear South Side1836
Pennytown (Avalon Park/Burnside)Hyde Park1889
Peterson ParkWest Ridge1893
PilsenNear West Side1837
Portage ParkJefferson (rest in 1924)1889
Prairie ShoresDouglas1853 Part, part 1863
Princeton Park (Roseland)Lake/Hyde Park1889
Pulaski ParkJefferson1889
PullmanHyde Park1889
Ranch TriangleLake View1889
Ravenswood (Ravenswood Gardens)Lake View1889
Ravenswood ManorJefferson1889
Ridgeville 1893
RiverdaleHyde Park1889
Roe’s HillLake View1889
Rogers Park 1893
Rogers Ridge 1893
Rosehill (Roe’s Hill)Lake View1889
RoselandLake/Hyde Park1889
Schorsch Forest ViewO’Hare1958
Schorsch Village (Dunning)Jefferson1889
Six CornersJefferson (rest in 1924)1889
Sleepy Hollow (Garfield Ridge (small area))Lake1889
South Chicago (South Works)Hyde Park1889
South CommonsDouglas1853 Part, part 1863
South Deering (Irondale)Hyde Park1889
South Lawndale 1869 Eastern 2/3 to City last 1/3 in 1889
South LynnLake1889
South ParkHyde Park1889
South ShoreHyde Park1889
South WorksHyde Park1889
Stateway GardensDouglas1853 Part, part 1863
Stickney (Clearing)Lake1889
Stoney Island ParkHyde Park1889
StreetervilleNear North Side1837
SummerdaleLake View1889
The Junction (Englewood)Lake1889
The RidgeRogers Park1893
The SandsNear North Side1837
The Valley 1837
Towertown 1837
Ukrainian VillageWest Town1837 Part, part 1863, part 1869
Union Stock YardsLake1889
UptownLake View1889
Villa (The)Jefferson1889
Village in the CityBeverly1890-1891
Washington HeightsDummy Junction1890-1891
Washington ParkHyde Park1889
Wentworth GardensArmour Square1863
West ChesterfieldLake/Hyde Park1889
West ElsdonLake1889
West EnglewoodLake1889
West Garfield Park (Central Park)Lake1889
West Pullman 1889-1928
West RidgeWest Rogers Park1896
West Town 1837-1863-1869
Wicker ParkWest Town1837-1863-1869
WinnemacLake View1889
Wolf Point 1837
WoodlawnHyde Park1889

Contributed Jun 2000 by J.R. Cain