HEER, Raymond Medard – (b. 1931)

Raymond (Medard) HEER was born 4:07 a.m. 27 Feb 1931 at 1116 N. Kedzie Ave., 35th Ward, Luth. Mini. Hospital, son of Raymond N. Heer (1641 Farwell Ave, age 37 [actually 42, born 1889 in Winona, Minnesota, advertising Raymond Heer Co.]) and 1st child of Grace White (age 26 [actually 37, born 1894 in Bloomington, Illinois] housewife [she was a classically trained singer ]

State of Illinois, County of Cook, Certificate of Birth, Department of Public Health-Vital Statistics Department #8981

Contributed 26 Nov 2005 by Jennifer Heer Norman

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