Mount Greenwood Cemetery

2900 West 111th Street, Chicago, IL 60655

Lot 156 Sec. 23 (from left to right facing west)
Frank L. Higgins 1871-1953
Josephine K. Higgins 1875-1945
Jane A,. Higgins 1839-1928
Elizabeth M. Chittenden 1838-1911
T. S. Chittenden (stone does not have dates.) 1824-1918
Stone has Co. 1 88 Ill Inf.

William H. Chittenden 190-1906
(unmarked grave between the Rowe family marker and Truman Spencer’s Grave – 1 1/2 feet from the road – 4 feet to the west of Trumans marker)

Located to the east of the above mentioned graves is a group of stones with the last name of Higgins. (from left to right facing west)

Ruth Josephine Higgins 1896-1903
Benjamin Roy Higgins 1904-1928
Orvill R. Higgins 1870-1928
William E. Barber 1863-1906
Bessie Barber Jordan 1872-1951

Contributed Jun 2000 by Pamela Reynolds