Pebbles Couple Celebrate 60th Anniversary (1921)

Mr & Mrs Frank M Pebbles Celebrate 60th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Pebbles, residents of Oak Park since 1865, celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary Sunday, June 26, 1921 in the home of their daughter Mrs. Fred G. Baker in Alameda, California. Three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren were among those present. Mr. Pebbles came to Illinois from Wisconsin to become “ornamenter and designer” in the “old round house” of the Chicago and Northwestern railroad. In those days locomotives were named after various celebrities and it would be the duty of Mr. Pebbles to paint the countenance of the engine’s namesake on the headlight.

Contributed 25 Jan 2013 by Deb Haines
Source: Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, Published Quarterly by the Illinois State Historical Society, Springfield, Illinois. Vol. 14 April-July, 1921 No. 1-2.

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