West Family Deaths

WEST family

Letitia West died 6th of August 1867. After a short sickness at 409 S. Canal St. Chicago, Illinois – aged 2 1/2 years – She died as one falling asleep with an angel countenance. Her last words pa-pa pa-pa pa-pa – three times in succession. She was loved by her papa and will be until the Lord is pleased to prepare him to follow and meet her with the angels above.
George E. West Died May 28/1995 Age 13 years – months and 27 days.

Contributed 17 Jul 1999 by Carolyn R Holladay, church secretary,[email protected]

Source: Family bible. Written on the fly leaf is “Charles West, New York – United States of America – 1861,” “Sarah J. L. West” and “Mrs. J. B. Moore”

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    This is my ancestors on my mothers’ side. We have been trying to get in touch with someone concerning this Bible. We are very interested in seeing this Bible, can someone please contact us at [email protected]


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